Most artists do one off works of art, although I wish to create a more complex culture through my work. My art is as convoluted and confusing as life, and with it I strive for perfection, balance and difference. To this end, I started down the path of creating a personal way of looking at and thinking about the world, what I called the Conceptual Delusion.

What is this new term Conceptual Delusion all about? The dictionary defines these two terms as follows:
Concept – an idea, especially one generalized from various instances: ‘concepts of right and wrong’.
Delusion – 1.a) the act of being deluded. b) The fact of being deluded.
2. a) a false opinion: ‘he has delusions about his own importance’. b) a belief that is held despite contradictory evidence.

I define the idea of a Conceptual Delusion a bit differently. For in each of our own minds we all have a personal version of an ideal reality, which you can basically call a delusion? But who is to say that a delusion can’t become some sort of reality?

So I urge you to ‘embrace the Conceptual Delusion for reality is the deformation’.
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