Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom

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I am an eccentric mixed media artist, currently living in lovely, rainy Cornwall in the South West of England.

Much of my work is photography based, or incorporates photographic elements in some way.
I am shamelessly self obsessive and on an everlasting quest to heal myself psychologically and reach an understanding of my life and mental state.

I have chosen to do this through artistic practice, much to the confusion of many people in my life.
I am a closet beachcomber, a collector of bones and stamps and unusual things, a collector of letters and dried flowers, a creator of fabric books, journals and outfits for unknown rituals…I can’t help it and I can’t look back…

I am interested in the idea of split personality, the thin blurred line between male and female, the idea of healing oneself through creative work, I am getting more and more involved in my efforts to express myself through the written word.

  • Age: 24
  • Joined: July 2010

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