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Peter was a professional medievalist, freelance photographer, artist and sometime musicologist, philosopher, essayist, videographer,...


50 questions thingy, because I am bored

1. Do you like blue cheese?…

I don’t like mouldy cheese.

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette?

Only about 30 a day

3. Do you own a gun?

I do not, and never will, own a gun. I’ve never even fired one. The NRA are idiots.

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?

What an ethnocentric question! I live in Melbourne, one of the acknowledged restaurant capitals of the world, so even if we had Sonic here I wouldn’t bother to eat there. A classic case of pandering to the lowest common denominator, which is a surefire path to mediocrity.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?

I so rarely go, and when I do I know why I am there, and what the treatment is.

6. Do you like hot-dogs?

Not particularly.

7. Favourite Christmas Song?

I abhor christmas songs, christmas and anything to do wi

Challenge yourself. Feel the FEAR.

It’s safe inside your box. You know where everything is. You think that you’re being a creative. You’re not. You’re a replicator. You apply the same techniques to the same subjects with the same feel. You may as well be one of those market spray-can artists, doing banal sunsets with a casual swish of aerosol to a formula that they devised years ago. Stop kidding yourself.…

Here’s my challenge for you all. Do something different. Smash a gaping hole in the wall of your box, and crawl into the light, naked without the familiar clothing of your accustomed subjects, equipment and techniques. Feel the fear coldly claw at your belly as you gird yourself for the tribulations that lie ahead.

You always shoot landscapes? Shoot people, candidly, with a telephoto instead of your wunder ultra-wide ang

My Photography

There is light reflected or absorbed, and the means to capture it. There is no possible way that photography can capture reality. All it can capture is the photographer’s skewed vision of the light reflected.…

I have looked through many online galleries. I have seen the work of many photographic students (which I once was). I have watched people develop “styles”, and oft-times this development of a “style” has been paralleled by a narrowing of subject matter. I know specialist nude photographers. I know specialist sports photojournalists. I know macro photographers. I think I am trying to specialise in being a generalist (the story of most aspects of my life, methinks!).

I have done photojournalism, both sports and local news. I have done editorial work. I have done some commercial work. I

New year's Eve with Peter Gabriel and Sigur Ros

So it is 2008 now. As is pretty much usual for me, I had a relatively quiet New year’s Eve. It reached 40C at 4pm here, so it was a mild day and evening. A couple or three friends over for dinner, which was a lovely lasagna cooked by our holiday house guest, and then we sat and watched Peter Gabriel’s “Secret World”dvd and Sigur Ros’ “Heima”, while hand sewing medieval clothing (in my case, hand sewing a 14th century style surcoat to go over my armor).

Suffice it to say that “Heima” should be compulsory viewing for anyone who even vaguely suspects that they may like music and imagery. My photographer’s eye was going crazy with all the fabulous Icelandic imagery, and my music brain was in some sort of tranquil paradise listening to it.…

“Secret World” is also a fabulous dvd. I don’t think I

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