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Keeping my resolution

Hi to everyone out there. / If there are any of you who have been following my daily photo’s, thanks for your comments and interest. (for those who want to know more look here ) / Well, I’ve kept my new years resolution for over a week! which can be an achievement for some people! including me. / I’m planning to keep going, but I’ve decided I might not post every photo her…
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Day 1

It’s the first day of the year, and I’ve taken my first photo for my New Year’s resolution / Behold day 1, my new avatar pic, taken with my Olympus µ 1040. I love collecting these figurines, I hope to procure a macro lens for my DSLR one day and play around with taking pictures of some of my collection. / Thanks for looking!
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2010 new years resolution

2009 has come and gone, and although it has not been a bad year, it’s been rather uninspired when it comes to creativity or motivation in my part. The highlight of my year was my trip to Japan with my hubby, other than that the year is mostly a blur.  / As we move into the new year and a new century I want to challenge myself to pursue my photography and creative side. / I may regret this l…
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