"The Age of Digitalism" Curation

So I am one of those people who sceptically looks at phone photos and judges them as a person who stands fast to her camera ideals of a normal analogue or digital camera, a standard camera that doesn’t take your phone calls too. But recently a few iphone pics came into my feed and I thought that as sceptical and judgemental I am of them at times, I secretly do love the way the images have this grainy Holga-ish type feel and so I have decided to put my issues aside and dedicate this next curation to those beautiful iphone pics. So, here’s to Digitalism, and the birth of iphoneography and all its hipstamatic and instagraminess.

[ I P H O N E S I N T H E C I T Y ]

| AikBeng Chia | Carlo Gallardo Weil | Dan Rubin | thejourneysofar

[ I P H O N E S I N T H E C O U N T R Y S I D E ]

| ArtisiticPulse | Rebecca Eldridge | Ruben D. Mascaro | Nathan Pendlebury

[ I P H O N E S I N D O O R S ]

| Kerryn Benbow | gregbriggs | Kevin Bergen | nicephore

[ I P H O N E S A T T H E S E A S I D E ]

| iphoneographyli | nirwaneu | Tim Topping | Raul’s Companion

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I hope you enjoy the selection! Please browse through my favourites folder for more fantastic work!

3 September 2012

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