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"Town Mouse, Country Mouse and a couple of mice in between" Curation

Im excited for this curation as i personally love landscapes and so deciding was a little hard and i could have put in a million bajillion artworks but i managed to limit myself to the standard four per category.

P.S. This isn’t even about Mice at all.

[ T O W N M O U S E ]

| Glenn Stephenson | ThisIsEpic | adamned-art | tereza del pilar

[ C O U N T R Y M O U S E ]

| jamesdt | cavan michaelides | eleven12design | Daphne Kotsiani

[ F O R E S T M O U S E ]

| AlexandraSophie | Lightthinker | Carol Knudsen | tranquillian

[ S E A R A T ]

| leonie7 | Karin Elizabeth | David Alexander Elder | duettwerk

Other Curations

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I hope you enjoy the selection! Please browse through my favourites folder for more fantastic work!

No animals were harmed in the making of this post

1 August 2012

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