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HOMEPAGE!!! - Around the world in 24hrs!

Today as Isa & Doreen dubbed it is Continental Tuesday! Every layout that was featured on the RedBubble Homepage is themed around each continent and its special and unique countries. Each continent was featured for about 3hrs so that each continent got its fair share of feature!

I dunno how the idea came to me about this continental theme, i think its cos i have caught the travel bug! But i have put together these layouts and then RED decided to choose them and feature them today! I was over the moon when i heard and all the pics look stunning up on the Home Page!

Also when doing these layouts i found out so much about the world… like how beautiful the Ukraine countryside is and that the poles have far too many penguins! :) i also found out how proud people are about the countires and their heritage! The world certainly is a beautiful place! Please do look through these artists portfolios as they really are talented!

If you missed them here they are:

The Poles

South America


Africa baby! (my home)

Central America

North America



Congratulations to all these artists!

Merry Christmas and i hope the featured artists like my Christmas prezzie to them! :)


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