i originate from Africa.. the heart of the world

Photography is happiness and captures moments we wont remember or small delicates no-one notices. I have Canon EOS 1000D (but hoping for an upgrade soon) , a Pentax underwater, a GoPro Hero 2, a Polaroid and my baby, a DianaF Dreamer… ahhh.

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you Dr Seuss

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The Streets | Ebony & Ivory | Mixed Media | Child’s Play | Spreading & Splattering | CONTINENTAL LAYOUTS | Haunted | Spring Is Blossoming | A Little Bit of Linen | Numb3rs | Coin Laundry | This is the simple life | My Beloved Britain | Homebound | In my dreams i see… | Take me to the riot! | All Booked Up | Beautiful Ballerina’s | TransporTEEtion | For Isa Dearest | Pause For A Minute | If It Makes You Happy | In My Place | We’ll keep you in our hearts – Floods Jan 2011 | Lets think of Japan | Feel The Silence | Water | The Gift | Disco Disco | Without you things go hazy | Black White Life | Landscapes

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Requiem for a summers day
Fly away my little sparrow
The Road Less Travelled
Melt With Me…
Dear God…
What Would You Do
To my friend
Light In The Underworld
Power Beyond Measure
Set your conscience free
Hello…Anybody On The Receiving Line?
Goodbye Apathy
Would you like to open my music box?
What If’s & Buts
Meer Verloor As Wat Ek Gedink Het
Tribute To A Friend
In The Throe of Things
end of life as i know it…
Like gold, falling from my ceiling
No Sound but the Wind
you are
dance me
So Fleeting
Spindling Down

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"Growth Chart" Curation

So I have wanted to do this curation for awhile now but with exams comes lots of time, but along with it guilt at not spending it correctly. So now the time has come and I can finally compile some of the most beautiful portraits on this site that I have come across, that span from babies to grannies and have load of other people in between. So enjoy and do check out the rest of these people’…
Posted about 3 years – 1 comments

"The Age of Digitalism" Curation

So I am one of those people who sceptically looks at phone photos and judges them as a person who stands fast to her camera ideals of a normal analogue or digital camera, a standard camera that doesn’t take your phone calls too. But recently a few iphone pics came into my feed and I thought that as sceptical and judgemental I am of them at times, I secretly do love the way the images have t…
Posted about 3 years – 4 comments

"Town Mouse, Country Mouse and a couple of mice in between" Curation

Im excited for this curation as i personally love landscapes and so deciding was a little hard and i could have put in a million bajillion artworks but i managed to limit myself to the standard four per category. / P.S. This isn’t even about Mice at all. / [ T O W N M O U S E ] / / | Glenn Stephenson | ThisIsEpic | adamned-art | tereza del pilar / [ C O U N T R Y M O U S E ] / / |…
Posted over 3 years – 4 comments

Colour Wheel - Curation

So I am currently writing exams and i decided this would be a perfect study break to compile another journal curating some fantastic work on the Bubble. I decided on a colour wheel theme for this post. / [ B L U E ] / / | onetonshadow | ccourts86 | brittneyla5 | shanarae / [ G R E E N ] / / | millymuso | Angela King-Jones | Terry Fan | Lala Mártin / [ Y E L L O W ] / / | Jether Sweetn…
Posted over 3 years – 6 comments