the rise and fall.

and when i was young
i wanted to learn
the secret mystery
of all things alive,
why they would rise
and why they would
eventually fall
(like someone tumbling,
like an accident,
or like a morning bird.)
i thought it was a moment,
defining and immediate,
and i kept waiting,
ready to burst with truth.
and as i grew
i studied hard
and never failed a class.
i worked and stayed away
from the people
with the sunken eyes
(too much like the dead,
they frightened me)
I kept clean
and my knees weren’t bruised.
and midway through
i learned about the wars
(the great ones)
and about philosophy and history
and art.
and my heart was heavy
from all the things
that could not be solved,
and the way that
the people would never know
the culmination of their days,
and from all the things
too light and delicate
to touch.
and i said,
where have i been?
my shadow carves a space so small
that sparrows cannot nest there.
what have i done?
my energy is the diffusion
of a small atom bomb.
and what was it worth?
the ocean will still rise and fall,
praying to that balmy moon.

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  • Erika .
    Erika .about 4 years ago

    This is just… beauty

    you captured more than just life, and your thoughts here…. something else: a feeling, so deep, and real, and true and yet so fleeting and transitory. The message here is transcendent.

    I love how I can relate to this entirely.

  • Whenever I read your comments I almost wish I could be more deserving of them. Thank you!
    I also love how you can relate to this too! It is beautiful to see how much we all share in living :)

    – A. Blick

  • George Coombs
    George Coombsabout 4 years ago

    Yes, this is deeply felt and meaningful work and with a definite yearning toward the trancendent. For me this is essentially about truly opening one’s eyes and truly looking – taking steps along one’s path and learning all the time while always being open to ever present truth – I do agree with Erika when she calls this “” -excellent writing and a favorite for me

  • Yes, I think I’m starting to see truth as perpetual, rather than something to work towards. I guess that’s just a fancy way of saying that I’m still lost though haha. Thank you so much for your words :)

    – A. Blick

  • silvercircles
    silvercirclesabout 4 years ago

    Wow! Really an amazing write… As always. You have a real way with words!

  • Thanks for all your support!

    – A. Blick

  • Wingpoem
    Wingpoemabout 4 years ago

    so beautiful :)

  • Aww thanks! I’m really happy you think so.

    – A. Blick

  • BasantSoni
    BasantSoniabout 4 years ago

    Ur inner expression of fellings …so touching …appreciable..!!

  • Very kind of you. Thank you!

    – A. Blick

  • petersargison
    petersargisonabout 4 years ago

    great stuff. well done, keep it up

  • I appreciate the support! Thanks!

    – A. Blick

  • TheWanderingBoo
    TheWanderingBooabout 4 years ago

    beautiful writing

  • Thank you :)

    – A. Blick

  • MichaelMusicTea
    MichaelMusicTeaabout 4 years ago

    Veeery interesting topic!
    All things are created by
    and made for
    That is the crucial question of our lives…


  • Tthe eternal question! Thanks for reading :)

    – A. Blick

  • C.C. Arshagra
    C.C. Arshagraabout 4 years ago

    “and the way that
    the people would never know
    the culmination of their days,
    and from all the things
    too light and delicate
    to touch.’

    I hope you come to live and create into the resolve of this.
    if I may reply this way in return for your fine art’s touch within my heart:

    Oh, what a raw and terrible kind of innocence
    that tears at the fabric and home
    of the human soul.

    will be one of my all-time fav. favs.!

    thank you Alondra Blick,

  • I’m so touched by your words, they’re beautiful! It’s really really something to see this in response to my writing. Thank you so much!!

    – A. Blick

  • MichaelMusicTea
    MichaelMusicTeaabout 4 years ago

    I would be interested in the answer…


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