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The Golden Wheatfield

I still cherish the memory of seeing a golden wheatfield for the first time when I was a small child living in England. Perhaps the artist was stirring within me even then. How I longed to live in the country and now I do although it is a different country that I cherish.

The panorama, the colour, the light and the spirituality of Australia have had a profound affect upon me, so much so that I knew that from the first day I arrived here in1965 that I would have to express and interpret my deep feelings for this land. It could have been through writing poetry perhaps. As it turned out I began to paint which I regard as my pictorial communication.

I have since furthered my love and interest for art by studying at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga and I have a Diploma in Art. A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine art with Honours and a Masters Degree in Visual art.


  • maria paterson
    maria patersonabout 5 years ago

    thanks for sharing that with us, I also landed here in 1965 from scotland as a small child. i had to go see your folio, your work is outstanding, love your interpretation of the australian bush, I hope your exhibition goes well as they are magical pieces..

  • Redviolin
    Redviolinabout 5 years ago

    I love the rolling paddocks of the crops against the stormy skies ….the tawny golden wheat or oats and the deep indigo of the sky is one of my favourite things to paint.
    I love the layering effects of the Australian central west landscape.
    Goodluck with your exhibition…I’ll pop up and see it soon.

  • annamora
    annamoraabout 5 years ago

    I have just had a look what can I find about this Japanese garden at Cowra on the net … it looks nice I must say …. pity I did not find any photos of your exhibition …. I hope it goes well … you mentioned in one your comment that you did not have much sales so far …… it does not surprise me should you not make much of a commercial success no matter how brilliant your works are …. this is Australia after all and that’s how we love it …. :)

  • Dear Anna. Thank you for your message, you are very kind. Yes it can be difficult at times not making any sales as the bills keep coming in, but I get by. If you would like to see more of my work then my website can be found at even that does not contain them all but I am very judgemental of my own work and tend not to upload them if I consider them to be a bit wobbly. Nice to hear from you, How long have you lived in Australia?.

    – Richard Tuvey

  • Dear Anna, I have given you the wrong address for my website it should be I am sorry I am not so good with computers as I tend to spend too much time on the right hand side of my brain and I neglect the logical left side. The other address is my email contact.

    – Richard Tuvey

  • annamora
    annamoraabout 5 years ago

    I came to Australia almost 18 years ago, Richard, I will never feel completely at home here as my roots are not here … but I learned to love the bush and the escarpment and the coast here and I have made some dear friends too … my children are both positively Australian and I like that very much …
    I will have a look at the website :)