Bitey, metaphorical and ambiguous little writes.

I love music. I like clouds, misfits, contradictions, eyes with stories and worlds within. I adore a brave heart on a sleeve, a risk taker, pure intention and the second of a clock. Words and inky oceans beckon me. It’s deep.

The female form in my photographs are all mostly self portraits. I am drawn toward shadows and movement within an image. I appreciate evocative art – in whatever medium.

I believe the best writing derives from a place of no consequence.

I write about life – yours, mine, theirs, his, hers, yesterdays and tomorrow.

my books

the unpleasant book in her head



I also am beginning to play around with mixing and sampling tunes. Click the following link to listen and munch on my raw carrots they are crunchy little munchies still gritty with earth dirt and nourished by sunshine and the moon and every planet i have ever wondered of or maybe even wandered. Who knows. Be kind, support other people. Give. Love. Keep it real and use your imagination.

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“To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music that words make.”
Truman Capote

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for those who are still silent x /
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Don't approach my car I'm dying

I write the things some find difficult to say. If one person relates on any level then hopefully it helps to make the world (however small or wide) more open and loving. Peace and happiness. X /
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Thank you to whomever purchased a throw pillow of mine 'gratitude' / Much gratitude – i hope it looks fabulous in your space :) x
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the unpleasant book in her head

My new space. / Peace and love. / PJ / x /
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