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I’m SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU RED BUBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / i just tried a mock purchase in hope that RB might decide to ship to Singapore again.. and guess what!? that’s Singapore under shipping country!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! i’ve been so worried and upset.. cos i get some interested buyer from my stall in Singapore, and it’…
Posted about 5 years – 6 comments

Karin's Little Profiles Series!! =D

Hey Everyone!! eheh… just dropping by to create a lil journal to promote Karin’s latest series and using the journal to advertise to my facebook profile.. ^ _ ^" / So i shall not waste any more time.. Presenting Karin’s latest series – Little Profiles!!! / bmail addiction / / …that dreamy “come thither” look in Bessie’s eyes may have seemed innocent enough, bu…
Posted almost 6 years – 4 comments

2nd Milestone Achieved!!!

YESH people!!! FINALLY!!!! Finally, after struggling since last month, trying to get a stall.. FINALLY!!! / This monday-wednesday, 22^th^-24^th^ Dec, 11am – 10pm, Vivo City, Singapore, / Level 3, near Sentosa Express … Fa will be opening her very first physical stall!!!! / This is like achieving my second milestone – to have my own little cart!! am so happy!!! (the first being…
Posted over 6 years – 18 comments

Thank you so so muchie!!!

Eheh.. just a lil journal for me to keep track of my sales updates and thank da buyers~ =D / Eheh.. just a lil journal for me to keep track of my sales updates and thank da buyers~ =DThank you very very much to the 3 mystery buyers of my following pieces!!!!!!! / Julian The Conductor? Oo" / I Love Me – Have You Loved Yourself Today? Card / Yuriko-chan / Eheh.. just a lil journal for me…
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