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Adventures in freelancing part 2

So a bit of a gap since my last AIF post, this is mainly due to not much exciting happening. In fact that’s a bit of a lie, I really should say not much positive happening. While I am still enjoying “working” as a freelance artist a lot of the work has either dried up or not been available to me due to legal restrictions. At the moment I am fully able to assist in workshops but not lead any as I do not have any public liability insurance. This is easy enough to obtain from a local artists union or at least should be. Probably around the time of my last post I had already sent my application in to become a member of the local artists union fully aware that it would take up to 28 days to process. Anyone familiar with the movie 28 days later will probably know how disastrous things can get in that time period however nothing as drastic as an apocalyptic outbreak of a rage inducing virus happened. What did happen was….nothing. I had actually forgotten that I had applied due to the lack of response and when I did remember about a week and a half ago I found it rather difficult to get in touch with said union other than via email. The land line went to an answer machine that informed me that it was only manned part time but not which hours it was manned. It did however give me a mobile number to ring, which I did….and it went straight to voice mail. After a day or so wait they did reply to my email and informed me that the problem was at my end as payments had not been received. Why they couldn’t have contacted me during the part time hours they do work to let me know this is a bit lost on me. so off to the bank I go where they inform me that a payment had indeed been made and the standing order was in place for future payments. The first payment hadn’t for some reason but the second had indeed left my account. So I convey this information back via email and am now awaiting my membership pack that will allow me to lead workshops for various groups as well as host my own, more to come of that later. I do find the time scale of this rather annoying as they are based in the Brigat which is around half an hour away from my home.

The other thing which has halted my work of late is the sudden departure of my computer. Yes after years of faithful service and numerous patches and repairs to keep it hobbling along it took its well deserved final rest and whilst I cannot grudge it its reward I must say that it could not have happened at a worse time for it has pretty much halted any computer based activity other than what can be done on my partners laptop ( there are other avenues open to me that I shall have to make the most of but they shall never as handy as having all my files/programs etc. to hand. Ah well farewell Betty…..yes my computer was named Betty, may she rest in peace.


  • Lloyd Harvey
    Lloyd Harveyabout 3 years ago

    Welcome to the world of freelancing. I read your back dated first part too. The shock of a near empty bank balance really does kick start your productivity and get you back into working. But, with the routine, I find that I am more productive and work better after about 10 in the morning. For so long, I fought myself to work earlier but I just couldn’t do it. Sure, I get up much earlier than when I used to, but my brain doesn’t seem to function until after 10.

    I think I am at my most productive in the afternoon and really pick up steam towards 6ish, so I often miss the Simpsons… I guess the best thing to do is really find a routine that feels natural to you and go with the flow. Best not force it I think.

    I’ve been freelancing for over a year now and I have weeks where I am super productive and some where I am not so much. With incoming work, sometimes I have hardly any and then I have a rush and have loads to get done. Like now, as I am writing this, I have 4 big projects on the go with some more on their way :S

    The key to surviving is getting loads of repeat custom. Making your clients super happy should help ensure this.

  • Lloyd Harvey
    Lloyd Harveyabout 3 years ago

    Oh and with the computer problem, if you don’t have a Mac, get one because they are less likely to die and always have a back up PC so work never stops. Good luck!