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Julian Escardo

Julian Escardo

Redondo Beach, United States

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5's the magic number...

And five is the number of calendars I sold this week….I want to deeply thank:

Frank Falco for buying a copy of my “LA Views…” calendar

And Pam for buying 2 copies of “Architectural views…” and 2 copies of “Personal views…” – In this case I was very happy to “custom make” both copies to Pam’s liking – I have enjoyed the results as this has allowed me to take a more objective view at my own work….

Thank you both; I appreciate it!


ok....let's catch up!...

Sales: I sold 3 Calendars this week……yay!

One custom made (to her liking and appropriately named Upon Request) to Erika Gouws – thank you!

And 2 copies of “LA Views…” to two separate mystery buyers – thank you as well!

Additionally and to my greatest pleasure I became the featured artist in the amazing group Tunnel Vision
Thank you Jus, Nic and Shane for this incredible honor – visit this group will ya?
……you’ll be amazed at the quality and consistency!

below an example of my work to illustrate what they are all about…

Buy Gifts.....and a feature or two....

Dear all – In the Buy Gifts section of the home page (the one with the little Christmas tree) you can check page 3 in Framed Prints and page 2 in Calendars and you might just buy yourselves an original by yours truly. Thank you RB for your confidence and to those that have thus far bought my work!

Furthermore……I want to thank Metallic Junktion for featuring “|Form…” in their group.

And Unique Buildings of the World for featuring “Evening tide…” in theirs.

I appreciate it!


Features v. Sales.......

This week I am stoked with news that 2 sales and two features have graced my pages….

Featured in Metalic Junktion was “Tempest”

Featured in Tunnel Vision was “Urban V”

Sales of the photographs presented below (as shown) are going to grace a restaurant in Belize……and to that I say: sighhhh and a BIG Thank You!


Ghostly II…

I sincerely appreciate it!

Julian you doin'?

I am very pleased to announce the sale of my latest post on RB – The photograph struck a cord with fellow RB photographer Anne McGinn who barely three hours after posting bought the shot as shown below – I am very grateful for this purchase as it reminded her of her life back in San Francisco. I hope to be able to sign the piece personally one day soon…..Anne is a remarkable person with a straight honest approach to life and her work.

The photograph is also featured in San Francisco – thank you Tama for this kind gesture.

I appreciate it!


Dear Rachel and Lucinda...a tale of two sales

Dear Rachel……thank you so much for purchasing a large framed print of “Brunello…” – I am truly honored that you have chosen one of my pieces to grace your dining room, as your kind note mentions. May you and your family enjoy it!

Dear Lucinda ….thank you for your initiative to put together your own wish list and subsequently purchasing three copies of my 2010 “Your choice” calendar.

I appreciate it!


Pay It Forward...

Yesterday I arrived from work to news worthwhile sharing with enthusiasm and lots of pride. Kevin Bergen nominated me to the Pay It Forward group.

Please visit the group to understand the gist, for being nominated to a high standards group AND especially by your peers has a special significance – Thank you Kevin for pushing “On Deck” to a higher level!

I use this opportunity to thank Sal for featuring me in the said group; when honors come in sets of two, well, I just want to say – I appreciate it!



This may be somewhat boring for some, even repetitive….but I feel strongly that not saying thank you is equivalent to ignoring the most basic of duties. Thanks for taking a look and acknowledging these two groups and the effort they make every day.

Thank you Urban Art for featuring “…” in their group -

And……thank you Shapes and Patterns for equally featuring “Upward” in theirs (thanks Maria!)

I appreciate it, very much.


Take two........

…so I am waking up Saturday morning after having spent most of Friday night at the closing of Tony Alva’s latest gallery show in the “Little Ethiopia District” here in LA thinking……I’ll check some emails b4 hitting the first coffee …

So I am having to wipe my eyes when I hit the RB home page and see that two of my photographs seem to be taking up space there….TWO!!!

Thank you Redbubble, I appreciate it very much!

p.s. here is a nice coincidence…

Tunnel Vision II...

I have the honor of having two photographs featured at the same time in one group – it is Tunnel Vision – a group that is slowly but surely taking RB by storm with its quality and consistency -

Thank you Shane, Jus and Nicolette for your dedication!


Tunnel vision...

Thank you Tunnel Vision for featuring my photograph “Frisco…” in their group – this is a great new group and I congratulate the admins for proposing a great premise and maintaining the highest quality!

I am also very happy about this…..

I won a challenge at Shapes & Patterns with the photograph below

Thank you guys……..I appreciate it always!


Me bad self makes me do it...

Someone said – “why bother with these announcements?” – to which I replied – “hey you, we are here to promote our work, sell and should be be very proud that others are helping us in that process”

Thank you Urban Art for featuring Cubed II… in your group


Thank you Shapes and Patterns for featuring H20… in theirs

I appreciate it each and every time!


Announcement of sales...

I wake up this morning and I hear “ping” on my Itouch….

Being who I am I decided to let the coffee pull subside and instead imbibe possible good news….

YESSSS………a beautiful “You’ve made a sale” message popped up….I knew then this was going to be a good day -

Thank you to a James from Canberra, Australia for the confidence in and support of my work to the point of purchasing it – I really appreciate it!

Format purchased as shown:

Thank you,


In between takes...

Thank you to the admins of the group In between for featuring my work “Crossroads…” in their site – I have to say that this recent venture is a welcome sight to the RB family – led partly by Mimi Yoon who’s work and enthusiasm I treasure.

And also to the admins of Photography 101 for featuring my shot “One of a kind…” in their group as a finalist in a contest.

I appreciate it!


Lucky 4....

I want to share the sale of four of my photographs with the community……it is ALWAYS a source of pride and happiness to see evidence that someone out there likes what they see to the point of owning it.

Thank you so much – I appreciate it!

note: the pieces that sold are these and in the format that is put forth.







I just want to share the sale of two of my photographs with the community……it is always a source of pride and happiness to see evidence that someone out there likes what they see to the point of owning it.

Thank you so much – I appreciate it!

note: the pieces that sold are these and in the format that is put forth.

Abstract in blue…

Danseuse II…


Does anyone?.....

Would any of you out there like to see editable text in the comments section?……every time I screw up or want to add something, make a tiny adjustment to a comment or reply I have to go through hoops to rectify it – maybe RB wants us to think first and act later but I would be interested in your opinion B4 I send an official request.

Your reply, however short would be greatly appreciated.


Don't you love it?

Hi all,

I tend to do non-traditional photography (i.e. no mass appeal) and lately I have noticed that many groups I forward shots to tend to graciously “accept” my pieces some 4 or 5 days later and essentially “bury” them 3 or more pages deep……

I mean, I seem to qualify for the groups (Green get a green picture, Textures gets texture) but………..

I want to find out if anyone out there is experiencing a similar thing – especially those of you that don’t do primarily landscapes, sunsets or flower macros.

Thank you

p.s. I understand that groups are for play and you must abide by the admins’ best judgment criteria. You buy into that, I know. I also understand that if you are to receive thousands of emails from that gro…