Computer designed art work to what ever takes my fancy or my mood at the time. Just exploring new avenues and not being constrained

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What do people look for in a design

Question – What do people look for in a design. Do they look at the overall design, the composition, the colours, the effects, or the feeling it emulates. Perhaps someone can provide some answers to what they look for in a successful design
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Reflecting back on work

About to start reflecting back on the designs that I have done. Looking at ways I can improve highlight and change the designs to give them more POP. Perhaps I need to look at the default colour options I choose as some of the designs look better when applied against certain colours than others. / The need to shadow and highlight has arrived Dadadadadadaaaaaaa so bear with me as I lift those desi…
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Creativity seems to be coming quite easily at the moment. Ideas are popping into my head quicker than I can actually process them. Having a great time on here designing and sharing my work. / I can honestly say I have seen a marked improvement with my designs since I began back in August. / It was my aim to provide quirky, little unique designs that penetrate outside the square I am hoping I have…
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Time to begin

Well it is the start of the second month since I started uploading my designs. Lots of interest which is fantastic, I guess it means that people out there in the big wide world both physical and of the web actually like my work. / I have started advertising on facebook and have also added some work into my very own zazzle store. / Hoping that I can make this into some extra income for me,but I kn…
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