the boxer - winner of 9fountains tshirt design contest ;-))

I was happy to finally find a home for this design.
It’s one of the first design i made using as base a painting.
I worked on it in order to fit silk screen printing requirements.
So 3 colors.
It is now printed by 9 fountains, a Singaporean website.
Avalaible for purchase for 35 singapore dollars (28,50 usd -20 euros)
They’re currently offering $5 off your next order through the rest of the month by using discount code FLOCK9F at checkout.

if you've got a facebook account...

There’s a new tshirt design contest and it is taking place on facebook.MassCanvas.
The theme of this month is “Unity”.They plan to print 5 shirts a months with a cash prize of 1000 usd for each design.They will run a themed contest every month.
I’ve got 3 designs in the running.To cast your vote just log into your facebook account and click on the “like” button under each design.Don’t use the “love it” button unless you’d like their application to access your personal datas.
thanks for attention
the connection

vote here

the shape shifter

vote here

the connection V2

vote here

tsunami in Japan fund raising - 2000 usd have been raised

Goodjoe decided to print a collective design to raise funds for Tsunami in Japan.
On March 11, 2011, the north coast of Japan was hit by a horrible tsunami after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that occurred 80 miles offshore. Goodjoe and our passionate community of artists have collaborated to bring you the Flying in Unity t-shirt to raise funds and to inspire others to contribute in whatever way they can. Each of the participating artists created a crane or a bird as a positive thought to send toward the people affected by this disaster. Inspiration from Paper Cranes for Japan

100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Our goal is to raise $1000 and we will report the results of our fundraising efforts at the end of thi…

Battle of the Best

Springleap is an online tshirt store where I’ve been printed recently
They are organizing every year the Battle of the Best:
Once a year we host a competition where we invite ALL winning designers to come together in a rib shattering clash for the title of best designer of the year.
I’ve got 3 designs in the running and on vote right now.
Perhaps some of you could create an account and vote for it.
The process is simple and fast ; a screen name and a mail adress only.
So here
I will warm you – 3 colors on white


escape from rain city – 1 color on white


Child Creation Chronicle – Imagination – 5 colors on sky blue


2 more designs are in the running for the classic contest
the boxer – 3 colors on white


A tribute to Matiss…

Ophedusa - new printed shirt on stupid hurts us

Ophedusa v6 – i made a mash up between Ophelia and Medusa.
Originally it is a simple ink drawing, but i totally redraw it under photoshop used a lot of textures and made a lot of different versions.Finally i vectorized it. It’s now avalaible for purchase on Stupid Hurts Us for 13 usd
printed on:
• ANVIL ORGANIC 490 [light blue] – men’s
• ANVRIL ORGANIC 498 [light blue] – women’s
• organically grown cotton
• using water-based ink
avalaible for purchase here

Thanks for attention