Welcome to my world of art.
My name is Fred Jinkins.
Fun, joy and happiness are the main goal in my art.
I like to paint happy pictures.
There is no limit to what I might paint or draw.
I use several meduims and enjoy them all.
After over 50 years of being active in art I still paint every day.
Art and photography are my passion in life.

  • Joined: April 2012


New Member learns how to sell his art on Red Bubble

I just joined Red Bubble and still learning how to put my art on my page to sell. / This old artist has been active in art for over 50 years and still learning all the intracies of the internet and the ways and methods to sell on the web. / I live in Houston, Texas and I am semi retired. My art is my passion and I paint in oil, watercolor, pen and ink, digital and also do woodcut prints. / I fin…
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