Fred Hatt

Fred Hatt

Brooklyn, United States

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My work is an art of movement, rhythm and feeling. For me what is important is not concept or concept, but process and practice. The creative process becomes a journey of transforming perception to more directly experience the undivided aspect of reality.

My core practice is drawing from life and my work expands from that center. Sometimes it has a performance aspect. I often show my work in unconventional venues.

I have shown drawing and painting, photography, film and video work, performance art/dance, multimedia presentations/installations, and body painting. I have taught workshops in body painting, life drawing, and movement drawing.

I use experimental creative processes in my large scale drawings, working improvisationally with live models and allowing compositions to emerge from chaos. I use the gestural aspect of drawing to capture the human image not as object but as energy. I try to create work that defies the passivity of the viewer, eliciting a more active way of looking.

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