FAMoore-20100622-1 by F.A. Moore

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This started out life as a pure abstract. However, the sleeping woman gave it a special something that, once added, I just could not take away.

As with all my abstracts now, rather than title it and thereby steer you in a direction, I prefer that you see whatever it is is that you will see. I have done my part of the digital painting. Now it’s your turn to finish it.

Digital modern abstract by F.A. Moore, June 22, 2010
8,000 × 12,000 px @300 ppi
PSE 6, Corel Painter/E4

RE: Abstract created in PSE incorporates artist’s own unpublished work, wherein the stock model was painted with impressionists brushes in Painter. The stringy patterns in white, green, and red are mouse-painted and bear the indications of such. I left them as is, intentionally.

credits: the woman— stock photograph by M.JRanum


2010-06-26 FAMoore-20100622-1 in Digital Brushstrokes

2010-06-26 FAMoore-20100622-1 in ABSTRACT DIGITAL ART AND WRITING

2010-06-23 FAMoore-20100622-1 in Feminine Intent

2010-06-23 FAMoore-20100622-1 in Southern United States Artists

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  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Mooreover 4 years ago

    Please view larger. This is a larger work.

  • Linda Ridpath
    Linda Ridpathover 4 years ago

    hhhmmm, i love the colours and the soft and hard lines to this one, i need to stand in front of it for a while to see what it brings, but it is compulsive viewing… x

  • Linda, thanks for the note. I like that “compulsive viewing” bit. You have nailed, I believe, one of the things that the “sleeping woman” adds to the piece – her softness, as contrasted with hard lines and edges. Thanks for that. :)

    – F.A. Moore

  • donnamalone
    donnamaloneover 4 years ago

    sweet music of the night…

  • I hear it!

    – F.A. Moore

  • maxy
    maxyover 4 years ago

    Frannie!!! Oh my gosh this is exactly the feeling after a wonderful day at Solo! How one feels after enjoying the amazing works of extraordinary artists…. How the mind absorbs and interprets their style, their design, the curves and structures of art. I see her coach has come for her after a long day of reveling in the beauty of others. Now her mind is filled with exciting and wonderful designs of her own and as she sleeps, the world of art starts to burst apart in her mind creating a brand new world of wonder that one day she will remember and recreate!

    That’s how I see it! :-)

    Frannie – this is fantastic and I think definitely one of your best!!!!

  • Maxy, your interpretation, itself, is fantastic! I love how you see this. One of my “best”? Gosh, a few seem to agree. Thanks for the encouragement, Maxy. :)

    – F.A. Moore

  • Anna Shaw
    Anna Shawover 4 years ago

    This is intriguing Frannie, and the longer I look at it the more I find.
    Now for my interpretation….

    Central to the image is the sleeping woman, lying comfortably and at rest. However, she is wired to all the other elements in the image, the shapes suggesting electricty, batteries, energy and power.

    Is she re-charging herself – or is she wired to be filled with energy when she wakes up? The colours change from that beautiful grey/blue to the deep blue/black, reminding me of the previous image of yours which I saw as that stage when sleep just turns to wakefulness. Here it feels qualitatively different’ especially with the soft, but strong strip of pinks and ochres at the top of the image.

    So for me, the whole image feels deeply restful and incredibly positive with so much energy flowing to her and from her.

    I love this, and agree with Maxy that this is one of your best.

  • I really like your interpretation, Anna, and clearly see it— recharging herself during sleep. Our mind is a wonderful machine, doing some of its finest work while we sleep, when its power can be totally devoted to creating and solving, rather than moving us around, monitoring our temperature, etc. I do some of my best work while sleeping. ;) You can probably imagine how encouraging it is to hear your thoughts that this artwork represents one of my “best”. Thank you.

    – F.A. Moore

  • BasantSoni
    BasantSoniover 4 years ago

    Abstract with more … magic..& amusement…fabulous art..!!

  • BasantSoni, I like that “amusement” part. :)) Thank you!

    – F.A. Moore

  • helene ruiz
    helene ruizover 4 years ago

    very nicely done frannie!

  • Helene, thanks for taking a moment from your busy time to come look, see, and comment. Means so much to me.

    – F.A. Moore

  • indyjill
    indyjillover 4 years ago

    I think women tend to have busy minds, whether awake or dreaming. Certain symbols in this could be seen to represent creativity, others problem solving, others meditation, pleasure, emotional response, and so on. If we represent parts of ourselves in our creative works, I have to see this, at least in part, as you because I know you have a VERY busy mind! ((( :

  • Lol, Jill. My mind must have been really busy, all night, because I didn’t fully wake up to stay up until 11 AM! (Late!) I know what you mean, seriously, about busy minds. I love it that the mind “works” when we are not. Thank you so much, Jill. You’re amazing, traveling across country and commenting, too. Big hug! See you soon!

    – F.A. Moore

  • brunowubik
    brunowubikover 4 years ago

    excellent work Frannie..one of your best i think..

  • Bruno, really… wow, thanks for giving me the encouragement in this direction. :)

    – F.A. Moore

  • Lemarly
    Lemarlyover 4 years ago

    Very,very interesting.Have to look several times.Great artwork,Frannie.

  • Lemarly, thank you so much for looking a few times. :)) I very much appreciate your comment.

    – F.A. Moore

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