The Mona in Me by F.A. Moore

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The Mona in Me

from the classic series

Exploring classic redux.

Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a wealthy Florentine silk merchant, was painted by Leonardo da Vinci as a commission work (c. 1503–1506) that celebrated, apparently, the Giocondos’ new home and the birth of their second son, Andrea. We know the work as the “Mona Lisa”. ref. Wikipedia

She seems so young doesn’t she? I used to consider her older and mature, in my childhood and teens. But, today, she doesn’t seem older than 18 (if you look beyond the effects of Chiaroscuro and Sfumato). I guess they married young in the Renaissance era.

The other young woman in the picture is me, at 19, posing for a professional photographer who caught me on campus and asked for an impromptu photo shoot – my first.

When he sent this photograph back to my family home, he attached a thank-you note that said all photographers look for their “Mona Lisa”, and that I was his. Photographers really know what to say, don’t they. :))

So when I was mid way with this classic redux, combining an image of the masterpiece with my abstract digital painting, I could not resist the urge (my first) to just take a peek to try and “see” what he meant. Just experimenting, here, and enjoying the process… and, admittedly, the outcome.

Digital Collage by F.A. Moore, June 3, 2010
Dimensions: 5000 × 3333 pixels @300ppi
Software: Corel Painter Essentials, PSE 6/Mac
Process: Original abstract created in PSE and Painter was over and under-layered and blended with the collaged images of the Mona Lisa and self. Erased portions for under-layers to show, etc.
Public domain image of the Mona Lisa


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  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Mooreover 4 years ago

    Please, VIEW LARGER Thank you for viewing this work.

  • Sheila Laurens
    Sheila Laurensover 4 years ago

    Stunning XX

  • You’re fast on the draw today, Sheila. Thank you!

    – F.A. Moore

  • MoonSpiral
    MoonSpiralover 4 years ago

    Wow, you did kind of look a little like Mona there. You would have made a great model for the pre-raphaelites! This is gorgeous Frannie. The warm colors give it such a romantic, dramatic feel.

  • Wouldn’t that be fun: to model for the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. For such a small band of artists, who worked in a relatively short time span, they sure have influenced many of us, today. The warmth of this piece, I believe is my favorite part. Thanks for mentioning it. It’s due to the abstract. It heavily influenced the outcome of the piece.

    – F.A. Moore

  • Tahnja
    Tahnjaover 4 years ago

    I think this is stunning and I really love that photo of you Frannie, so gorgeous!

  • Tahnja, such a great compliment from you, thank you!

    – F.A. Moore

  • robpixaday
    robpixadayover 4 years ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! So adorable and wonderful! You seem like her kid sister, peeking into her portrait-sitting, captured by her artist and your artist and us, all at once. LOVE how you did this!!!!
    OK…now I need to go look at it larger.

  • :) (see next reply)

    – F.A. Moore

  • Ushna Sardar
    Ushna Sardarover 4 years ago

    stunning work Fran!

  • Thanks, Ushna, you make me beam. :)

    – F.A. Moore

  • robpixaday
    robpixadayover 4 years ago

    Lots to see and enjoy in there, Frannie.
    I esp like how you B&W’d Mona.
    Fits that mischievous look in your eyes. And hers.

  • Robin, her face desaturation, for lack of a better term, was one of those happy accidents of layered blending modes between the abstract and the Mona, that I liked, too, and thus left it in the final collage. Thanks for noticing it. :)

    – F.A. Moore

  • David  Hibberd
    David Hibberdover 4 years ago

    Wonderful work as always Fran. I have always considered her to be a classic beauty and in this image now joined by another classic beauty. Well done.

  • Aw, wow, that was a sweet thing to say, thank you, Davo.

    – F.A. Moore

  • retuhrmoi
    retuhrmoiover 4 years ago

    the best Mona picture I have ever seen, fantastic, by the way you look very sexy in this, and the way you have done this is impressive, you are looking back at the past, brilliant :)

  • Maggie, wow, your comment blows me away. Yes, a look back over my shoulder to the past: both the past of classic fine art: the Mona Lisa, and my own past. You are so astute. Thank you.

    – F.A. Moore

  • mimi yoon
    mimi yoonover 4 years ago

    wow frannie….
    gorgeous calssic creation…
    and you are soooo beautiful…
    your eyes follow as mona’s… : )

  • Mimi, you have my heartfelt thanks for such a sweet comment. :)

    – F.A. Moore

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