SUSA - Southerners warm up the cold with HOT art!

#Southerners warm up the cold with HOT art!…

Announcement: Southern United States Artists (“SUSA”)
December 29, 2010
by F.A. Moore

The following thumbnails represent works featured this week in RedBubble’s Southern United States Artists group.

Much of the Southern region of the U.S. was blasted with snow and icy temperatures after Christmas. The front ran right up the east coast and hit the northeast, as well. Hope you find something in these features to warm your day, from your Southern artist and photographer friends at RedBubble.

2010-December-29, Wednesday
| | - | | |
| Altered, How Did He…
by Cameron Hampton
| Fall Wind Across the…
by Seth Weaver
| Magic Woman
by Lacey Scarbro
| Working Class Hero
by Cameron Hampton
| | | | |
| Waiting
by Deborah Glasgow
| Coimimeadh
by MoonSpiral
| Col

Art Nouveau. You know you love it....

#Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts Movement…

Features December 2, 2010

by Tarnee
The Black Madonna
by Tahnja
WU XING——Five…
by linmarie
Alien Thoughts
by Bunny Clarke
A Family
by Julie-Ann Vellios
forever in your…
by rosalin
Surveying His Kingdom
by Adam Regester
Fractal Cubism…
by rocamiadesign
Number 0
by ♧Susan van Zyl♧
Tattoo Woman
by ♧Susan van Zyl♧
The Oracle
by Lynnette Shelley
Tulugaq (Winter Raven)
by Lynnette Shelley

I hope you click through, and then enjoy these beautiful artworks, as much as I do. They should be seen at full size, rather than the thumbnails shown here. They deserver that.

Those who follow my posts of this group know that I select based on the spirit or feeling of art nouveau OR the Arts and Crafts Movement present in the con

Dear Fellow Poets...

Currently, I’m developing a web portal for Poets and am putting out a call for images of Poets for the home page of the portal.…

The images will be rotated, with possibly a little bit of verse, or a little of your story. These images and stories are meant to attract other poets.

Here’s what I need:
A. LARGE, clear photograph of you.

  1. preferably a shot at least to the waist, but can be a head shot
  2. preferably casual
  3. large is a must, clear is a must, at 96 ppi resolution for the web

B. Poetry that you would like to see published. 3-5 pieces is fine.

C. A short blurb on what turns you on about poetry.

All I can offer you at this time, in lieu of payment for “modeling”, is that some of your work will get published in one of the anthologies.

I will do my best to also send you a free copy of an antho

Southern Living...

Featured in Southern United States Artists
2010-November-16, Tuesday

Miss Clyde’s 102nd
by Cameron Hampton
by Richard Huston
Mallards in Still…
by Kate Eller
He Said, She Said
by Sabrina Ryan
And Now There are…
by Kate Eller
Spirit of the Guardian…
by Lacey Scarbro
by webbie
Spanning the Congaree
by suzannem73
Carnton Plantation….
by Karen Helgesen
by Cameron Hampton
Big Red at Sundown
by Phillip Simmons
Every Rose…
by Victoria DeMore

Hope you enjoy these newly featured works from great artists taking advantage of life in the Southern United States.

Nurhilal Harsa and Danilo Lejardi Solo Exhibitions

banner created by Elizabeth Bravo, Graphics Coordinator, Solo Exhibition

November 15th, 2010 two fine artists of RedBubble are in Solo Exhibition. Gallery-hop between simultaneous shows and receptions, especially on Monday/Tuesday, for the Artists’ Receptions.

Nurhilal Harsa is in Solo Exhibition, in the Traditional Art Gallery. Nurhilal Harsa is from Izmir, Turkey. An international artist, who participated in the Salon Exhibition at Grand Palais- Paris in 2009, she represented her country, as one of a contingency of 13 artists. Nurhilal layers her oil paintings in translucent, brilliant color that is expressive, while conveying her landscape origins and love of beauty. Her work was featured in Inside Solo magazine, vol. 13.

Danilo Lejardi is in Solo Exhibition, in the Digital Arts Galler

Will DEVIANTART stock photos remain free?


A current article on Fotolia (stock photo company), of interest to Digital Artists, using currently free stock from Deviant Art:


“Fotolia and deviantART announced today their plans to blend the international microstock business of with deviantART’s worldwide social network of artists by launching the “deviantART Stock Project with Fotolia.” This new offering is part of deviantART’s plans to establish an integrated commercial stock offering within its network and serves Fotolia’s goal of expanding its footprint in the U.S..”

“DeviantART is currently home to 15 million members around the world and represents the largest online aggregation of microstock users. The Stock Project marks the first time a microstock provi



The Answer
by F.A. Moore

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to have my art selected, from over 49000 works of art, to exhibit in SoJie 8. SoJie 8 takes its name from the Solo Exhibition group’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 8th one, ever, and 100 other artists, besides myself, are represented.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on October 27th, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the show banner, above, and follow the link to view my fellow exhibitors. The works are shown “gallery size” and are beautifu

I'm so excited. Already 100 art exhibits entered in SoJie 8!

This is a quick note to share my excitement with you.…

SoJie 8, which opens officially on October 25, already has 100 exhibits entered into the exhibition space. The deadline is not until this coming Thursday!

Congratulations to Gay Henderson for being the 100th exhibit with Jess Reading!

Jess Reading – Perspective 2
by Gay Henderson

This is a huge record. Normally Solo maintains its Juried Invitational Exhibitions (“SoJie”, for short) at around 60-65. Last month, SoJie 7 had a record 74 exhibits, the largest ever. Obviously we’ve exceeded that by 25%.

This is all in preparation for expanding these shows in 2011.

Thank you so much, all of you supporting these shows and the artists, and to the Nominators, Judges, and Team Solo.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this record breaking eve

You're invited: Solo Exhibitions & Karin Taylor's Countdown Party

#INVITATIONS – Solo Exhibitions and Karin’s 1500 sales Countdown and Celebration Party

FIRST NEWS: Karin Taylor is about to hit 1500 sales on RedBubble. This is a stellar achievement and she is inviting everyone in to the COUNT DOWN and celebration in her permanent gallery at solo exhibition. Karin’s 1500 sales Celebration Party in The Karin Taylor Gallery @ Solo Exhibition

October 11 – 17, 2010 the fine art of Fee Dickson, digitally created alien worlds of David Jackson (AlienVisitor), and photography of Tom Gomez are in Solo Exhibition. Gallery-hop between three simultaneous shows and receptions, each in a separate genre: Traditional, Digital, and Photographic Arts!

Fee Dickson’s love of painting plein air is evident in the atmosphere of her seascapes. Fee interprets the scen

Art Nouveau and romantic Arts & Crafts Movement features

2010-October 9, Saturday

Magnolia’s silence
by dorina costras
Sandstone Brook
by linmarie
Ghost love story
by Amalia Iuliana…
Isabel with Roses
by Rachel Aponte
Enamorado — Adalusian…
by Tahnja
Alcea rosea
by Barbara Glatzeder
by Lynnette Shelley
Fairy Rings
by Bunny Clarke
autumn bouquet
by rosalin
Have a Very Gnarly…
by Bunny Clarke
Violet Spillage…
by nexus7
Red Glass Abstract
by Ann Garrett
Chapel of the…
by F.A. Moore
Weaving the dream
by artsmitten
by MoonSpiral
rajasthani collage
by fehmida haider
Queen of Hearts
by Ming Myaskovsky
by Lemarly
by AnitaInverarity
The Sketchbook Project…
by Barbara Glatzeder
Visions of you….
by Renate Dartois
Winter Overture
by rocamiadesign
by dorina costras

Solo Exhibition - John Dicandia, Paul Mercer, Mariska

Solo Exhibition – Gallery Hop – October 4 – 10, 2010

October 4 – 10, 2010 the fine art of John Dicandia, Maria Szollosi (“Mariska”), and fine photography of Paul Mercer are in Solo Exhibition. Gallery-hop between three simultaneous shows and receptions, each in a separate genre: Traditional, Digital, and Photographic Arts!

John Dicandia is in Solo Exhibition, in the Traditional Art Gallery. From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, John recently celebrated twenty-five years of his art. His moods, songs, tv shows, and movies he has loved, have been captured in paint— “time capsules” of the culture of the sixties, in which he was immersed. Especially John’s pen and ink work is grounded by his devotion to drawing what he loves. Of Dicandia’s masterwork oil painting, “The Midnight Hour ( Full Vers

SoJie 7, largest exhibition yet - 74 exhibitors in 23 countries

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

SoJie 7 is the largest art exhibition event put on by Solo Exhibition, to date. A panel of Nominators searched and hand-selected images from Solo’s gallery of 46,000 artworks, to exhibit in the show.

SoJie 7 takes its name from the Solo Exhibition group’s 7th Juried Invitational Exhibition. I am pleased to announce that there are 74 artists and 23 countries represented in the art exhibition. Each SoJie event has garnered approximately 10,000 views— our goal again this month, making it a strong means of exposure for exhibiting artists.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on September 29th, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art. Each expert judge also gives out

Monday Sep 20th solo exhibitions starring...

#Solo Exhibition – Gallery Hop…


September 20 – 26th, 2010, Susan Bergstrom, Karin Taylor, and Ursula Rodgers are in Solo Exhibition. Gallery-hop between three simultaneous shows and receptions, each in a separate genre: Traditional, Digital, and Photographic Arts!

Susan Bergstrom, in Solo Exhibition, in the Traditional Art Gallery draws, often, with prismacolor pencil, using her own photography as a reference. Bergstrom, a private art instructor for the last 30 years, has lived in Colorado, Nevada, and currently has a studio in Mesquite, Nevada, bordering the Arizona desert. She has been surrounded by Cowboys all of her adult life. That, and the The Pow-Wow’s of a Reservation where she grew up, influence Susan’s art today. Her Western-themed art has a ready market, in exhibiti

Art Nouveau - it's New!

How I love showing off Art from the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts Movement group. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood inspired The Arts & Crafts Movement, wherein Art Nouveau is rooted. Art Nouveau then gave way to Art Deco.…

So it is that Pre-Raphaelite-inspired works are often showcased in the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts Movement group.

The works shown do not copy the style, for the most part, but rather evoke one of these styles. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this collection as I do.

Featured – Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts Movement
2010-August 31, Tues

| | | | |
| Angel
by Elena Oleniuc
| Sierra’s Garden Room
by Helena Bebirian
| Ilusion (3) – from…
by Dorina Costras
| Flora – SOLD
by Lana Wynne
| | | | |
| 7 Swans Swimming
by Lenora Brown
| portre woman and dog
by tulay caki

Do the SoMBA!

Visit My SoMBA Gallery – F A Moore Dreams In Contemporary Art

Once a month, Solo members get to create their own boutique art gallery with 12-24 artworks that we like – works of other artists, and a few of our own, too. My first SoMBA Gallery is a mix.

SoMBA Galleries are brand new! Come see, I hope you like it! I have a visitor’s link in my intro, where you can click around the ring, and see some others, too!

There’s a curator’s policy at the top of the main gallery, and a “How to SoMBA Video” link in there. If you’re a Solo member, and want to make one, that’s all you need to start!

Lund-Torroll, Maliha, and Clarke exhibitions


September 13th, 2010 three fine artists of RedBubble are in Solo Exhibition. Gallery-hop between simultaneous shows and receptions. Artists’ Receptions are on Wednesday, September 15th.

*Gallery-hop three major solos: MON – SUN, September 13 – 19, 2010!

ARTISTS RECEPTIONS: WED September 15th (Thurs/Pacific Rim)*

You can support this week’s shows in the following ways:

Get the linked code for this small banner, highlighting ALL 3 SOLOS on your RB profile, facebook, or other page. Both RB code and HTML code for different sizes is available.

We depend on YOU to get the word out. Thank you for helping!

Twitter and blog the opening of the shows, Monday. The “Solo Gallery – Free Parking” link is:

Favorite the works t

work in progress completed - update vs. 4

Update. The work in progress is complete.

I had uploaded a work in progress- the first time trying this.

At the time of this update, the final v.5 is showing. It’s not exactly scarlet any more, but the title stays.

It was removed from all groups, during the process, except the group that graciously featured version 1, C.O.R.E Thank you Ushna! I’ll now uploaded to some groups.

work-in-progress stages

Subconscious: Scarlet Cocoon
by F.A. Moore

Updated: September 11, 2010 vs. 2 uploaded
Updated: September 17, 2010 vs. 3 uploaded
Updated: September 21, 2010 vs. 4 uploaded
Updated: September 21, 2010 final uploaded

More Southern Draw-wwl...

2010-September 11, Saturday
Featured in Southern United States Artists

Fibro Pain
by Virginia N. Fred
Flora – SOLD
by Lana Wynne
by jimfoutch
Down a Country Road
by suzannem73
Exploded Nanotubes
by Peter Berry
sometimes it’s just…
by jimfoutch
Automotive Bling ~…
by artisandelimage
Double Viceroys
by Rosalie Scanlon
by jimfoutch
Foggy Reflections
by Carlie Hensley
The Art Line 2
by Caren…
Heron In the Tree
by Sabrina Ryan

Art's Southern Drawl, Y'all

Y’all probably know that y'all is a concatenation of “you all”, used frequently in the southern United States. Some, mistakenly believe that we “Southerners” use it when referring to one person. It is, rather, appropriated when in the midst of a group, and referring to them all— e.g., “Do y’all want to go see some great Art?”

So, it is with that inclusive feeling, that I say to you, “I hope y’all enjoy the art featured in the Southern United States Artists group this past week”.

Southern United States Artists
| | | | |
| My Quiet Place
by Carlie Hensley
| Zion
by mtozier
| Warm Summer Evening
by Jonicool
| Not a Rock!
by Sabrina Ryan
| | | | |
| The Last Waltz
by Seth Weaver
| “Hey Mister! Can Dolly…
by ":

Two wow artists take off the wraps...


September 6th, 2010 (7th/Pacific Rim), two fine artists in Solo Exhibition, take off the wraps on new, thrilling artworks. See them now <<Click to go!

banner created by Elizabeth Bravo, Graphics Coordinator, Solo Exhibition

Richard Sunderland is in Solo Exhibition, in the Traditional Art Gallery. An artist and art teacher, in Plymouth, England, Richard prefers oils and watercolors. His love of fresh approaches and distinctive brush strokes is evident in his landscapes. Since September of 2009, Richard has been a Feature Writer for the art review magazine, Inside Solo, with thirty-six art reviews to his credit. His own “Italian Sketchbook” was featured in a series of nine installments in the magazine, and is coming out as a book October, 2010.

Jessica Jenney is in Solo Exhibi

I'll be spot interviewed Mon nt/Tues morn. (New York/Sydney)

Karin Taylor will do a spot interview with me, at 9 pm Eastern, Monday night, Sept 6 (Tues, 11 AM, Sydney). Here’s your local time on this world clock

Please join us. I do like company. :)

Find out things like what art genres I’ve explored, if I listen to music while creating, and what music, am I an art collector, my creative process and inspiration.

Karin also encourages questions from the audience, so I hope you’ll be there for the live interview in her journal. I’ll post more, and an exact link on the day-of.

Solo Artists tap 65 art works for Juried Invitational Exhibition

Rosemary Scott, Mimi Yoon, and Philip Johnson have scoured the RedBubble’s 43,000 work “Solo Exhibition Gallery” and tapped 65 artworks to invite to Solo’s 6th Juried Invitational Exhibition, SoJie 6, opening August 30th.…

Besides presenting weekly, virtual “Solo Exhibitions” for artists of fine traditional art, digital art, and photographic art, the group also mounts a monthly Juried Invitational Exhibition of nominated member artworks.

For the August-September, 2010 exhibition, the “Digital Arts” field of entries is the largest, with 25 digital artworks, including 3D renderings, fractal design, photo-collage, and digital painting. There are 20 works each in the “Photographic Arts” and “Traditional Arts” categories.

The “Photographic Arts” category includes straight photography; film or d

Solo Exhibition of FlOvie, Keith Reesor, and Paolo Signorini

August 25th, 2010…

Three of RedBubble’s finests are in Solo Exhibition, the week of August 23rd, in RedBubble’s own Solo Exhibition group.

banner created by Elizabeth Bravo, Graphics Coordinator, Solo Exhibition

Alejandro Flores-Oviedo is in Solo Exhibition, in the Traditional Art Gallery. Alejandro Flores-Oviedo, who signs his oils as “FlOvie”, an abbreviation of Flores-Oviedo, is a master painter, whose organic forms lyrically bend and swirl across a flat picture plane, in beautiful golden hues against blue. It is a fun exercise, for those who enjoy art history, to delve into the influence on Flores-Oviedo’s work by Spanish Masters: Picasso, Dali, Velázquez, Miro, and Goya. They are all there, hidden, behind his own exciting and masterful originality. Flores-Oviedo works and resides near

Featured Member in "The Best of..." and Thank-you's

Thanks to The Best of RedBubble…Digital Art and Photography for selecting me as Featured Member for August 2010.…

These are their words: Our featured member for August is F.A. Moore, a talented artist and untiring host of the Solo group. Fran is done so much here, promoting and encouraging artists. Many of the members invited to join this group were found in her Solo exhibitions. Her RB Image Conversion Tool is a lifesaver to all of us who have found it. We can’t think of a more deserving artist for this honor!

As you can see, I may have been featured more for my contributions to Solo and for the ever-so-useful Easy Button, than for my art. But I’m not picky, and am grabbing the “Featured Member” status and running with it! :D

Rebecca Phillips, Kathleen of rocamiadesign, Jaclyn Hughes, and



Red on Amethyst and Opal
by F.A. Moore

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to have my art selected, from over 39000 works of art, to exhibit in SoJie 5. SoJie 5 takes its name from the Solo Exhibition group’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 5th one, ever, and 61 other artists, besides myself, are represented.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on July 28th, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.
Your local awards time

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the show banner, above, and follow the link to view my fellow exhibitors. Th

Announcement. Elizabeth Bravo - Solo Exhibition's Graphics Coordinator

July 20, 2010…

F.A. Moore, founder and host of Solo Exhibition, announced today that Elizabeth Bravo has accepted a position as – Solo’s new “Graphics Coordinator”.

Bravo had a recent Solo Exhibition with the group, highlighting, especially, her digital art. She joins Maxy, Solo’s Reception Manager, as one of two support team co-hosts of the group, along with the founder.

The group’s focus is on virtual Solo Exhibitions, Juried Invitational Exhibitions, and a Fine Art Magazine review of fine traditional art, the photographic arts, and digital art from outstanding artist-community members of RedBubble.

A world of text
by Elizabeth Bravo
Sun Drenched Fields
by Elizabeth Bravo
They played all night
by Elizabeth Bravo
by Elizabeth Bravo
Hung out to dry
by Elizabeth Brav


2010-July-09, Friday

From the Southern United States Artists (“SUSA”) group, 4 Traditional Medium, 4 Digital, and 4 Photographic Artworks.

I hope you will find some new ones in here, click through, and enjoy!

by MoonSpiral
Good Vibes Pelican
by Pam Utton
Cat in the Echinacea
by lanawynne
Monet’s Water Lily©
by Seth Weaver
Rooted eyes
by Isa Rodriguez
Wooden Horses
by suzannem73
One Gardener’s Dream
by F.A. Moore
by Peter Berry
Look at Me
by Sabrina Ryan
Mysterious Morning
by Carlie Hensley
Lit by the Sun
by Sabrina Ryan
Copper Sunset
by Rosalie Scanlon

More Beau Art Nouveau

#More Beau Art Nouveau
or is it Belle…

Wanted to share some more Art Nouveau beauties with you:

Tabbies Garden
by AnitaInverarity
by Ivy Izzard
The vortex 1
by alankenny
by Masha Kurbatova
Rivers of Belief – Enigma
by DevineDayDreams
Mucha’s Fate
by izzybeth
by Jenna David
by Ming Myaskovsky
Daughter of the Clan
by Firebane
by Kathleen Ann Newton
The Forest Dragon
by CherrieB
After Mucha
by Lauretta Pearson

Speaking of sharing art. If you haven’t made it over to the openings of
Corinna Wagner, Colin Shafer, and Kevin McDowell, I believe you’re missing something special. It’s great to see Wagner and McDowell’s art and Shafer’s photographs large in our gallery format. So much can be learned by studying these contemp

Twenty walk away with awards in SoJie 4

Twenty Award winners in SoJie 4

Take a quick scroll through the first 3 pages of the exhibition and view the ribbon rows below each entry.

All are winners and get the SoJie 4 participation award badge. But you will also see special awards from the 3 Judges (beautiful!), and placement awards.

These fine artists may have already earned your respect. Viewing their show is a great way to honor them!

I will post more on the winners, nominators, and judges, later. Congratulations to all involved: exhibitors, nominators, judges, and of course the winners!

Get an EYE-FULL of...

#Get an EYE-FULL of fine art and photography at Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition

Monday, June 28, 2010

SoJie 4 – Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition Banner
by F.A. Moore

Today, Monday, June 28, 2010, marks the start of only the fourth Juried Invitational Art Exhibition sponsored by Solo. Yet, it seems, already, that these events, called “SoJie”, for short, are an inherent and deeply meaningful part of history, here on RedBubble.

Maybe it’s because there are 56 – 59 fine, traditional artists, photographic artists, and digital artists participating each month; maybe partly because the exhibitors bring such variety and experience to their work, having lived or worked in 19 or so countries, collectively; or perhaps because the internet makes a great place to showcase art in a gal

Southern United States Artists - shared

#Southern United States Artists…

Features I wanted to share with you: 4 traditional, 4 digital, 4 photographic arts, although one of those is stained glass art, designed and created by the artist. Enjoy!

The Flood
by Deborah Glasgow
""Fill My Cup Lord"…
by lanawynne":
Strange Hot Place
by weirdpuckett
Sax Player
by weirdpuckett
send me a few lines :…
by Isa Rodriguez
by Virginia N. Fred
A Plea from Mother Earth
by kevinmawson
by F.A. Moore
Fallen but Not Forgotten
by Sabrina Ryan
The Sun Falls On The City
by artisandelimage
Finding Strength
by Tibby Steedly
Macaws FINISHED -…
by sunnyd

We have some excellent photographers in this group. The

More 'oh.... fabulous Art Noveau!'

#More ‘oh, fabulous Art Nouveau!’

Just featured more works in the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts Movement group. Fabulous decorative art periods.

RedBubble has its share of artists influenced by the two distinctive movements. Hope you find some to click, fav, and comment. Thanks for looking.

Systemae Naturae 2
by inkyfings
by carlotta peacock
“Idyll – from Hidden…
by dorina costras
touched wood
by tulay cakir
by davidswartzart
Art Noveau: Rivulet
by ArtNouveau
by GittiArt
by louisehunt
She’s Hot
by Ming Myaskovsky
Warrior of the Light
by Tahnja
It’s a jungle out there
by Barbara Glatzeder
Leaping Koi
by Lynnette Shelley

One year ... my (real) RedBubble-Birthday

One year……

June 3 2009 was the date I took courage and uploaded my first works to RedBubble.

Among those still published are the Virgins series and Rain – I.

The Virgins – I
by F.A. Moore

The Virgins – I was completed and uploaded June 3, 2009. I find it uncanny that, unknowingly, I created and uploaded another work using this SAME old photograph of me, on THE SAME DATE, ONE YEAR LATER: June 3, 2010. It’s known as The Mona in Me.

The Mona in Me
by F.A. Moore

(I promise, I won’t do any more. :))

Rain – I
by F.A. Moore

Thanks to peer pressure from the outstanding work shown on RedBubble, you all have made me “up my game”. I had been doing web-grade work for too long, which never needs be over 72 dpi, and where smaller is better.

I remember sighing, reading through RedBubble’s size requirements

Award Winners - SoJie 3 hot on the trail of good art!

June 7, 2010

The May 2010 Juried Invitational Exhibition of digital, photographic, and traditional art, sponsored by Solo Exhibition concluded a successful week on Sunday, June 6th.

These events are called “SoJie”, for short, and are numbered to track the show. The exhibition featured 57 invited artists working in or hailing from 20 different nations. SoJie 3, a one-week event, has attracted over 10,000 views, in its first week. It logged nearly 2,000 views during the one-hour awards ceremony.

A ring of journals that linked to each other, in the form of a traditional “web ring”, allowed the exhibitors to network before and during the show, and encouraged guests to join the interaction.


The Midnight Hour by John Dicandia

The coveted Gallery Award

Sharpen up! DRAWING DAY is June 5th, SATURDAY!

RedBubble is an official site
linked up to Drawing Day

Check out RedBubble’s post, join the only official DRAWING DAY GROUP, if you’re not already a member, and then have some fun DRAWING, Saturday. No matter what time zone you are in, draw on YOUR SATURDAY, then submit all your drawings drawn on SATURDAY, June 5th, to the DRAWING DAY GROUP. Join the group. As soon as you see their checkbox LIVE in your “Add Groups” section of your images, they are open for business. Australia is ahead of the United States and Europe, so they will open early for Australians and stay open late for North America, etc. Just remember, YOUR Saturday. That’s it. :)

All qualified drawings created and submitted on Saturday (your Saturday, June 5th) will be counted in the tally for RedBubble and Drawing Day. No fa

Oh, oh, beautiful Art Nouveau

#Oh, oh, beautiful Art Nouveau…

Just featured the following works in the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts Movement group. Aren’t they beautiful?

While directly copying a style, such as Art Nouveau or the Arts and Crafts Movement, is an admirable skill and has its place, this group is open to distinctive works that evoke the correlating periods of art. For me, these did. I hope you find some that make you want to discover, click, fav, and comment. Thanks for looking.
| | | | |
| Duet
by Lynnette Shelley
| My Angel / Series 02
by Mariska
| Snow Maiden
by Masha Kurbatova
| Poison (Scorpio)
by AnitaInverarity
| | | | |
| My Spirit Moves With You
by Tahnja
| Wrap of Color
by Vickie Bodie…
| Rock cave
by Lemarly
| torso woman
by tulay cakir
| | | | |
| Grey Bird, Red Flowers
by Kiri Moth
| The one

SoJie 3 - Fifty-seven RedBubble Artists in Juried Invitational Exhibition

#SoJie 3 – Fifty-seven RedBubble Artists
in Juried Invitational Exhibition…

This week, the 3rd Juried Invitational Art Exhibition, presented by the Solo Exhibition group of RedBubble, features fifty-seven artists and sixty-two works in the digital, traditional, and photographic arts.

A panel of 3 Nominators chose the sixty two pieces from over 31,000 images in the Solo gallery. Each nominator is an expert in one or more of the artistic endeavors supported by the group. 22 Traditional, 22 Photographic, and 18 Digital works are included in the show.

On Wednesday, June 2nd, at Noon, U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, Judges will award 1st – 3rd places in each of Digital, Traditional, and Photographic arts. The work with the highest score will also be awarded Best in Show. Judges will additionally bes



Bunny Bubble Bath
by F.A. Moore

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to have been selected from out of over 30,000 works of art to display my work in SoJie 3. SoJie 3 takes its name from the Solo Exhibition group’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 3rd one, ever, and 58 other artists, besides myself, are represented.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on June 2nd, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the show banner, above, and follow the link to view my fellow exhibitors. The works are shown “gallery size” an

Meet Marcel Caram, surrealist digital artist

RECEPTION IS ON NOW << Click link to go.

Marcel Caram, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil, creates deeply considered surreal digital paintings that express, not just the subconscious, but also opinions on the nature of our world and the state of man.

The composition and color of each piece are expertly conceived. Of the elements in his work, Marcel says, “Well, I am not a photographer, but I use photo[s] in my work. I like the photography, design, film and visual arts in general. I like very much surrealism.”

Solo Exhibition is proud to feature works from Marcel Caram’s portfolio, on RedBubble, in the group’s forum, May 24 – 30, 2010, Monday through Sunday. You are invited to a reception for the Artist, on Monday, May 24th.


Fun, Inspiring Alternative Arts

Come on over and join in the Alternative Arts Show (ALT-ART Expo). New additions are coming in every day.…

We have avante-guard video, furniture, decorative arts, garden walls, copper sculpture, murals, plenty of trompe l’ oeil, concrete, basket weaving, textile and dress design, stage set design, airplane nose-art design, garden and outdoor art, bird houses, conceptual art, mosaics, and wearable art.

Exhibits are scattered on every page, 10 pages, so far, as Solo members continue to add more fun and fascinating posts. So don’t stop at the first 3 pages. That was just the organized beginning – the early birds. There’s much more to see!

Participating artists include: Syd Baker, Janis Zroback, Helene Ruiz, Philip Gaida, Elizabeth Bravo, Linda Ridpath, Vickie Bodie, Catherine Walker, Elizabet

RedBubble T-Shirt and Sticker 2 minute video tutorial

RedBubble T-Shirt and Sticker 2 minute video tutorial


RedBubble T-Shirt and Sticker tutorial

RedBubble T-Shirt and Sticker Tutorial Time: 2:11

How to go from artwork to T-shirts and Stickers for RedBubble art products. Photoshop Elements is used; but any photo editing software that has transparent layers capability, works essentially the same way.

Added May 16, 2010.
tags: RedBubble, T-shirts, Stickers, How to, Tutorial, F.A. Moore, video

The above video has also been added to my main Photoshop/Elements Video Tutorial Page, on RedBubble.

Announcing open for submissions: ALT-ART Expo

Date: May 11, 2010
Re: Alt-Art Expo, open for submissions

The hosts of Solo Exhibition group of RedBubble are pleased to invite group members to showcase their ALTERNATE ART forms in the first ALT-ART Expo sponsored by the group.

Easy instructions are in the forum.
Here’s what you might post. Anything other than traditional works on paper and canvas, or sculpture, might be considered “Alt art”

FILM or VIDEO (linked poster image)

The show will open Monday, May 17th. Posts to the virtual exhibition space are accepted until then.

Online Royalties for Musicians - a comparison

#Online Royalties for Musicians – a comparison
— a visual treat for artists…

The chart by researcher, DAVID MCCANDLESS of Information is Beautiful dot net, is not only revealing as to money made by musicians, through various online sales channels, but it is also an example of great graphic art. GREAT because form follows function.

Besides his blog, McCandless authors books, filled with his uniquely beautiful illustrations of data, and published by Harper Collins Publishers.

See David McCandless’ blog entry regarding Musician royalties research for details on this, and links to his books.

Here’s a slice off the top of the chart:

What makes the design so great, besides its stark black and pink colors, is that it performs a FUNCTION well. It tells a story quickly and visually. The ever increa

Up early? (or late) join me for coffee and art

Ready for coffee?

Shoot, I am. It’s 6 AM and hot.

I’m ready, too, for some nice cool, refreshing water shots… from Kieran O’Connor.

Like this one…

Ocean brushes
by Kieran O’Connor

Please join me, if you’re up and at ‘em, even if you’re not “at ’em”. Let’s oooo and ahhhh over these photographs, together. ;)

We’ve got Kieran O’Connor in Solo this week, May 3 -9, 2010, over at Solo Exhibition. His reception starts today.

SoJie 2 a Hit!

Released: April 30, 2010
Re: SoJie 2…

SoJie 2 – the 2nd Juried Invitational Exhibition, sponsored by the Solo Exhibition group

RedBubble’s Solo Exhibition group had another hit on its hands, this week, with its 2nd Juried Invitational Exhibition, “SoJie”, for short. 59 member-artists and photographers were invited by a group of Nominators to show a total of 62 selected works from the Solo gallery. A separate panel of 3 expert Judges, juried the show. Ten works placed and the Judges each made special awards honoring various entries.

The Nominators were: Ruth of ArtLacoque, Elizabeth Bravo, and Gili Orr.

The Judges were: Bruno Wubik, Rajeev Kashyap, and Ruth Palmer.

With 11,156 Views and 1,147 Posts to congratulate the 59 artists and winners and celebrate the online event, SoJie 2 has seen

Solo - 59 artists participate in 2nd Juried Invitational Exhibition

Fifty-nine Artists and sixty-two works were tapped from the current membership of one-thousand, plus, and the twenty-five-thousand-work gallery of Solo Exhibition for the 2nd Juried Invitational Exhibition, this week.…

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

The current exhibit opens today, Monday! Non members ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the banner above and follow the link to view the exhibitors. If you do not belong to the Solo Exhibition group, unfortunately, you can’t participate with comments.

But you CAN join in by commenting in my journal. THIS JOURNAL IS ALSO PART OF A WEB RING. CLICK THE WEB GRAPHIC, below, TO FOLLOW nominators, nominated artists and other supporters, to comment!

Winners of the invitational will be announced

Two must see photographs...

Two beautiful images hit me with their best shot, this morning. Both are photographs, one by Karl Williams of Scotland, and one by Scott d’ Almeida of Australia.…

Scott’s is unusual for him, in that he normally doesn’t shoot or render Black and White. Look how wonderfully rich in detail his UNENDING is, with its subject of a tree on the edge of some woods, adapting to the erosion, at water’s edge, that will eventually claim it’s life.

by Scott d’ Almeida

Karl’s Katrine Rocks, features the beautiful colors only nature can give – a cinematic scene over rocks and calm, reflective water. The light seems to move over it, slowly, breaking through the filtering soft clouds, just at the rock before us.

Katrine Rocks (1)
by Karl Williams

Last but not least, if you haven’t stopped in to Patri

Sherri Nicholas needs your positive thoughts and prayers

Happy, warm, supportive, caring, Sherri Nicholas, needs our support right now. Even though distance separates us, our positive thoughts and prayers can make a difference.

Sherri is in the hospital with pneumonia, and on life support. Let’s give her more support – the support of heart, mind, and prayer. Thank you.

Please see her good friend, Leoni’s journal for updates.

UPDATE: Sherri, as you may know, has been home a couple of weeks now, but is still recovering. Stronger every day, but still in need of our positive thoughts and prayers. Thanks for responding here and to Sherri. – May 22, 2010

Home Page! and show...

Congratulations to winners of the 1st Juried Invitational Art Exhibition for making the Home Page of RedBubble, today, Monday, April 5, 2010!

I had to blink a few times this morning, seeing our Solo members all over the home page! Hope you recognize a few.

More Info
The Exhibition, page 3 has write-ups on the Nominators, Judges, and Winners. If you haven’t seen the exhibition, yet, it runs the first 3 pages of the forum. (The rest are comments!)

Journal: About the winners

Today Sergej Lebedev (ThePainting) is in solo exhibition.

His stunning contemporary art is informed by his elegent sense of design. I believe it will brighten your day, as it has mine, already. Come on over and join us. :D

Winners - 1st Juried Invitational Art Exhibition

Thurs. April 1, 2010
Winners of the 1st Juried Invitational Art Exhibition
presented by Solo Exhibition


BRUNO WUBIK is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, residing in the Loire area of the Rhône-Alpes in France, in St. Héand.

Bruno lets his art speak for itself. His collages are much less like photo montages, and more like torn paper collages, without the tears. He is inspired by pop culture and the art movements of the 20th century. His use of comic book characters in many of his collages come as a surprise; and, yet, they bring a perfect contrast, in texture, medium, and mood to the more studious cityscapes that dominate his work.

In “le coeur de la ville 2” (“the heart of the city 2”), Bruno’s city could be Paris or New York, Singapore or Tokyo,

First Juried Invitational Exhibition

#Mon. March 29, 2010
Solo Exhibition presents…

All the preparation, the excitement of the nominees, the thrill of the nominators, the wringing of the hands by the judges and by the nominees, as well, and the beautiful gallery — it culminates in the opening today of the first Juried Invitational Exhibition presented by the Solo Exhibition group on RedBubble.

There are fifty-five artists and sixty-one works, representing Photography, Digital Art, and Traditional Art in the show, which is held in Solo’s virtual galleries, from Monday, March 29th through Sunday, April 4th, 2010. Awards day is Wednesday, March 31st.

Nominators place a badge on the description page of the artwork that is invited to the show. They also message the artist through RedBubble’s site mailing system. It is up to the nom

Sneak peek - Inside Solo, vol 27 - now live!

#Sneak Peek – Inside Solo magazine, vol. 27…

First time ever: DOUBLE COVERS
First time ever: Audio
Please give us feedback through the comment link in the back of the magazine.

DOUBLE COVERS: What does that mean? It means there are two editions. The interior features, with regard to Lina’s work, match the cover. It means if you love sailing, and Lina’s sailing shots launch your boat, you will want the edition with the Sailing cover. But if you love Lina’s abstracts, the most, and they make your heart spin in lovely concentric circles, then, you will want the edition with the Abstract cover.

Kind of like choosing a Fudgecicle or a Dreamcicle, if you are an popcicle fan. Both are mmm-great, but you might instinctively reach for one.

All articles, except the Inside Cover Story and Feature arti

Inside Solo vol. 26 - Sneak Peek, Now Live!

#Inside Solo, vol 26 (Feb 28 2010)…

Featuring the photography of Scott d’Almeida

<< Windows: RIGHT-CLICK,
“Save target as”
“Save link as” or
“Download linked file as”
or something similar :)

(10.3MB, 36 pages)

Do NOT try and open this in your browser. You will see a blank page for a long time if you try to do so. DO Download, and then double-click to open the file. :)

Linaji Solo Exhibition Artist Reception and show: Monday March 1st – 7th
Mon – Tues: Sailing Photography
Wed – Sun: Abstract Digital Art

Scott d’Almeida Permanent Gallery

The link to the magazine is now live. Follow instructions to download the file by Right-Clicking or Control-Clicking (mac) on the Cover Image, top, and saving the FILE to your computer (not the image file but the TARGET

Inside Solo, vol 25 - Live Link Inside

#Inside Solo, vol 25 (Feb 14 2010)…

Featuring the art of Bernard Lacoque

The stats:
There are 18 total contributors to this issue.
55 Home pages featured and 17 Home page layouts
1 new Action Film Star in the making
8 books
10 group challenges
Last Installment, #9, of the Italian Sketchbook series.
1 22-page “pull out” section: “Artists Speak on Bernard Lacoque”

<< Windows: RIGHT-CLICK,
“Save target as”
“Save link as” or
“Download linked file as”
or something similar :)

(14.4MB, 50 pages)

Do NOT try and open this in your browser. You will see a blank page for a long time if you try to do so. DO Download, and then double-click to open the file. :)

Bernard Lacoque Retrospective – Permanent Gallery
Scott d’Almeida Permanent Gallery
Linaji Solo Exhibition Artist

You're invited to Bernard Lacoque's retrospective exhibit

It is my sincere pleasure to be able to highlight some of the Fine Art works of Bernard Lacoque, in a retrospective Solo Exhibition this week, Monday – Sunday, February 8th through the 14th, 2010. Seventy-two works will be featured, in all.…

Twelve works along a theme will be rotated on the group feature board of RedBubble’s Solo Exhibition group each day, through Saturday. Sunday will extend Saturday’s features.

A reception gallery has been set up, where works will be shown large and a celebration of Bernard’s art will take place. Ruth, who is continuing to share Bernard’s works not previously shown on RedBubble through her artlacoque profile, will be our special guest; others of Bernard’s friends are invited to join us. Maxy and I will co-host the week-long event.


Today is Red Bubble's 3rd Birthday!

#Did you know that today RedBubble turned 3?
February 2, 2010…

Here is where you can go wish them a Happy Birthday <<click that link (even if it’s a day or two late. Who’s counting days?).

This is one spectacular site, period. But being this well-rounded and put together at only 3 years old is a big accomplishment for a small group of founders and their staff.

They attribute it all to you!

  1. Consider also the groups run by group hosts.
  2. And those who suggest layouts for the home page (80% of which do not get selected, because someone else’s was selected). This takes time, research, and energy.
  3. There’s even a volunteer who lists every home page, every day, over on blogspot.
  4. Not to mention all the tutorials from bubblers

I’m sure you can make this list much longer. If there is something you appreci

Sneak Peek - Inside Solo magazine, vol. 24 - Now Live!

#Inside Solo magazine, vol. 24
Featuring Ming Myaskovsky…

<< Windows: RIGHT-CLICK,
“Save target as”
“Save link as” or
“Download linked file as”
or something similar :)

(14MB, 44 pages)

Ming Myaskovsky’s reception (Open house all week Feb 1 – 7). Thank you for supporting this artist!

These are reduced, compressed images of the original PDF’s

UPDATED! This long-awaited issue is now live!

Featured Works
The following works are featured in a solo exhibition,
in the main gallery February 1 – 7, 2010.

Three Muses
by Ming Myaskovsky
by Ming Myaskovsky
The Red Ribbons
by Ming Myaskovsky
Always Together
by Ming Myaskovsky
It’s A Good Life
by Ming Myaskovsky
Ways To Embellishments
by Ming Myaskovsky
Water Souls
by Ming Myaskovsky

Balancing Act

Okay, so I was thinking about coding (that’s geek-speak for programming databases and source code for applications that run on the web – what I am suppose to be doing for a living…), and dreaming about being the next Idol on “Artist Idol” (did you pitch Simon Cowell on this, yet?).…

One hand is on the keyboard, and the other on a bottle of WINDEX, this time to clean my own “house”. Make that “attic”.

Am I the only one who secretly wonders if they are crazy? It shouldn’t be that hard to balance LIFE. But, the disparity between what I want to do and the time in which I have to do it is growing.

If only there was a Swiss Army Knife for artists! A tool that would solve EVERYTHING….

F.A. to Doctor: Is wanting to create art all of the time “out of balance”?
Doctor: What do you want to balance

2 Photoshop/Elements Tutorials - Repairing, Restoring Objects

#Repair Objects and Remove Objects on Objects in Photoshop/Elements – Beginners to Novice – 2 New Videos!

See two 2+ minute video tutorials on repairing objects from my PS/E video tutorial page

One repairs the part of an object, that was missing, because it was hiding behind something else in the photo. In the example video, I replace part of a missing pillow! (so you can sleep like a baby :)

The second video restores the background of an object, by “deleting” some junk that covered up the object. In the example video, I remove a rope running the full length across an antique sofa, and restore the sofa.


Host Hullabaloo is ON!

#Host Hullabaloo is ON…

Host Hullabaloo! starts Monday January 4 – 31st

28 Hosts of 89 groups have been setting up their galleries over the holidays!
Hosts are often so busy featuring others, it’s time to put
them in the limelight. Host Hullabaloo!

Maxy is the MC and honorary host of Solo Exhibition for the month of January!

The following hosts will each have 12 works featured in the Solo Exhibition gallery on the day listed. Their reception gallery is open ALL MONTH LONG, HOWEVER, and it is there where they have each set up their reception to show you their favorite works and some stories behind them:

Feature Schedule
Alixzandra – Jan 4 – Mon
Linda Gregory – Jan 5 – Tues
Tama Blough – Jan 6 – Wed
Linda Sparks – Jan 7 – Thu
PhotosByG – Jan 8 – Fri
robpixaday – Jan 9 – Sat
Julie Thomas – Jan 10 –

Photoshop/Elements - Easy Drop Shadows

Easy Drop Shadow layers in Photoshop/Elements – Beginners to Novice

See the 2+ minute video tutorial on drop-shadows from my PS/E video tutorial page

graphic tutorial per request

Summary for Novices: Duplicate your object, then use Enhance >> Adjust Lighting >> Levels, and move the master white all the way to the left, next to the black. You now have a duplicate object in pure black. Apply a Gaussian Blur, then use the “Multiply” blend at 40-75%, depending on the darkness. Move the shadow layer below the object and slightly offset: and up or down, right or left of it, depending on your light source. Transform the shadow for more realistic or even surreal effects.

Create a shadow for this object, a green sofa.

If you have a busy background, create a green fill layer
below your tar

Photoshop Elements Layers Palette - for beginners

#This has also been added to the Photoshop/Elements Tutorial Series

(scroll below the videos on that page)

Photoshop Elements Layer Palette, per request

The layer palette in use, shown to the right of the PS/E screen

This work was the basis for my Alice in Wonderland series.
Don’t Ask Alice
Alice’s Window
Please Ask Alice, and
Alice Still Lives Here
The series is the finished product of the work shown throughout the Photoshop/Element video tutorials.

You might want to also check out my personal gallery in Solo Exhibition’s ‘Host Hullabaloo!’, where on the first page, there are some demo screenshots of the layer components and build-up for two finished works, Dream Shaman and Immersion. Studying these and the finished works will help you visualize layer use.

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait