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Happy New Year - Country Cross-Reference Chart

#City/Country cross reference chart for Midnight, Fri-Sat, Dec 31st/Jan 1st.

When do you wish your friends on RedBubble Happy New Year? Just reference this chart, and you’ll know just when they are reveling and bringing in January 1st.

I guess RB will shrink this. You are welcome to paste this to your page, or send people here via a link.

If you paste it to your page, PLEASE take it down on January 2nd, to be nice to my server. Thank you! :) Here is the url to the image:

Happy New Year!

Sneak peek - Inside Solo, vol 23 - LIVE!

#Sneak Peek – Inside Solo magazine, vol. 23 – Now Live!

<< Windows: RIGHT-CLICK,
“Save target as”
“Save link as” or
“Download linked file as”
or something similar :)

(8.2 MB, 42 pages)

Marc Wellman’s reception (Open house all week Dec. 28 – Jan 3). Thank you for supporting this artist!

These are reduced, compressed images of the original PDF’s

Featured Works
The following works are featured in a solo exhibition,
in the main gallery Dec 28, 2009 – Jan 3, 2010..

city at night
by Marc Wellman
beach redux
by Marc Wellman
my christmas card for you
by Marc Wellman
steps to the sun
by Marc Wellman
Door #2
by Marc Wellman
a map of the soul
by Marc Wellman

If you're around after Christmas...

#Here are some fun, upcoming art events:

Marc Wellman is a Canadian living in China, with his Chinese wife, and teaching at 2 colleges, who uses his Nikon cameras and software tools for art.

While images like boat 44 show Marc’s skill at photography, his recent work is more focused on abstract art. He often captures a feeling or memory or sense by combining evocative textures and sweeps of color.

Solo Exhibition is proud to feature a selection of Marc Wellman’s digital art and photography, Monday through Sunday of December 28th 2009 – January 3rd, 2010, on Red Bubble.

An open house reception for the artist will be held on Monday, the 28th; where many of Marc’s works can be viewed in the reception gallery. It is open for b…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Will be taking off through the weekend, but will be back for Marc Wellman’s solo show, Monday! A Canadian, Marc lives in China!

In the mean time, I thought I had better play the proper host and hand out some features for Southern United States Artist group and the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts group.

Check them out, plus some recent favs:

Southern United States Artist
| | | | |
| 1424-XL-Glorious
by George Banks
| Delos
by Deborah Glasgow
| Islamorada Dreams
by JKKimball
| Footsteps in Paradise
by Susan Kimball
| | | | |
| The Strange Garden
by weirdpuckett
| That Tree.
by Isa Rodriguez
by Frances Perea
| “8401 – “Swimming Hole”
by Ray Mosteller":http://www.redbubble.com/people/canvasphoto/art...

RedBubble gave me a shout out for Inside Solo

#RedBubble’s “Community” gave me a shout-out for Inside Solo Magazine

Wow, so nice for the magazine to be recognized in this way. It is a lot of work, but also a joy to put together. If it were not for Richard Sunderland, Joanne Bradley, Linda Ridpath, Elizabeth Bravo, Mel Davies, and Beth Plastino, who all contribute feature writing, regularly, there is no way that the publication would be at its present stage or have the dimension that makes it a valuable resource, as well as an enjoyable read.

Look how they laid out those covers side by side. Aren’t they cute? They look great together. Such beautiful cover art by Stephen McLaren, Bev Langby, Dorina Costras, and Anita Inverarity (left to right). How could they help but be beautiful.

Well, I think someone is read…

Ted Blackall gave me purple eyes

#Ted Blackall gave me purple eyes

Well, hey, what do you expect from a headline?

My avatar sat for Ted Blackall, actually, as he turned it into a mini-digital-masterpiece. Below is NOT IT.

curr. avatar my feeble attempt at
digital color pencils

Whose Ted Blackall? The latest issue of Inside Solo, vol 22 has a 3-page mini-feature on his work, written by the illustrious Richard Sunderland. (Richard take a bow.) The article is delicious, dripping with analysis and comparisons to masters. You could eat it with a spoon.

a child spotted in a famous eatery, possibly McDonald’s, eating Richard Sunderland’s article on Ted Blackall with a spoon

But Ted’s work? Oh my, you should see this guy paint!

And now he’s experimenting with Digital paint – mastering it already, wo…

Sneak Peak! Inside Solo vol. 22 - Live!

#Sneak Peek – Inside Solo magazine, vol. 22 – Live!

<< Windows: RIGHT-CLICK,
“Save target as…”
“Save link as”… or
“Download linked file as…”
or something similar :)
(5.6MB, 42 pages)

Stephen McLaren’s reception (Open house all day, Monday, Dec. 14)

These are reduced, compressed images of the original PDF’s. They are also first drafts — a true sneak peek behind the scenes. (I really want to spell that sneek peak, you know?) :D

Didn’t Lynnette do a fantastic job with her Inside Cover Story? Thank you, Lynnette! There will more on Stephen’s art inside the issue, covered by Richard Sunderland.

This week we bid farewell to Bernard Lacoque.

The link to the

Come on over...

Bev Langby is 16 hours ahead of me. It’s already 2:30 pm her time, on Monday.

I’m still stuck back here in Sunday!!

By the time I start my normal email to Solo members tomorrow around noon, Bev will be down for a long winter’s nap.

Well, it’s not winter over there. But that’s besides the point!

So, come on over and join Bev and I now, or tomorrow. But now is good. ;)


Sneak Peek - Inside Solo magazine, vol. 21 - Live!

#Sneak Peek – Inside Solo magazine, vol. 21 – Live!

<< Windows: RIGHT-CLICK, “Save target as…”
Mac: CONTROL-CLICK, “Save link as”… or “Download linked file as…”
(6.6MB, 34 pages)

Bev Langby’s reception

The link to the magazine is now live. Follow instructions to download the file by Right-Clicking or Control-Clicking (mac) on the Cover Image, top. Then read the file with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for all systems. Mac users may use Preview, instead.

If you simply click rather than right-click or control-click, it will probably load in your browser. In that case you will be staring at a blank page for about 1 minute while the helper app prepares to load it in your browser window…

Inside Solo vol. 20 sneak peek - Now Live!

#Inside Solo vol. 20, Sneak Peek – Download now.

<< Windows: RIGHT-CLICK, “Save target as…”
Mac: CONTROL-CLICK, “Save link as”… or “Download linked file as…”

This issue will be live Monday, coinciding with Anita Inverarity’s reception.

Thank you for your support and interest in the magazine and the artists featured therein.

UPDATE – Right Click and save as to download

The link to the magazine is now live. It is 36 pages. Follow instructions to download the file by Right-Clicking or Control-Clicking (mac) on the Cover Image, top. Then read the file with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for all systems. Mac users may use Preview, instead.

If you simply click rather than …

Sneak Peek Inside Solo, vol 19 - Now Live!

#Sneak Peek at Inside Solo magazine vol 19 – UPDATE! Link is LIVE!


Note: These are downsized and compressed jpg’s of the original full size PDF pages. The PDF pages have live links back to the artists on RB.

Doreen’s Banner

The link to the magazine is now live. Follow instructions to download the file by Right-Clicking or Control-Clicking (mac) on the Cover Image, top. Then read the file with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for all systems. Mac users may use Preview, instead.

If you simply click rather than right-click or control-click, it will probably load in your browser. In that case you will be staring at a blank page for abo…

Sneak Peek at Inside Solo magazine vol 18 - Now Live!

#Sneak Peek at Inside Solo magazine vol 18 – UPDATE, now live!


Note: These are downsized and compressed jpg’s of the original full size PDF pages. The PDF pages have live links back to the artists on RB.

Thank you for supporting these fine artists and contributing writers with your views, comments, and enthusiasm.

Irresistible. Inspiration to Draw on!


Features from RB groups I host or co-host, and 12 Personal Favorites from this week.

What’s inspired you this week?
Feel free to link your comments to your own or someone else’s art, writing, or journal.

Scott Naismith in Solo Exhibition
Features 2009-November-09, Monday

Arran From Portencross
by Scott Naismith
Morar Sunset
by Scott Naismith
Soft Sky Study
by Scott Naismith
Sgurr of Eigg study
by Scott Naismith
Bay At Trotternish
by Scott Naismith
Ardmhor, Barra
by Scott Naismith
Earsary, Barra
by Scott Naismith
Crinan Croft
by Scott Naismith
Bellanoch Boats
by Scott Naismith
North End Beach, Iona
by Scott Naismith
Sanna Bay 2
by Scott Naismith
Barra Breeze 1
by Scott Naismith

Southern United States Artists (SUSA)
2009-November 1

Sneak Peek at Inside Solo magazine vol 17 - Now Live!

#Sneak Peek at Inside Solo magazine vol 17 – UPDATE, now live!


Note: These are downsized and compressed jpg’s of the original full size PDF pages. The PDF pages have live links back to the artists on RB.

Thank you for supporting these fine artists and contributing writers with your views, comments, and enthusiasm.

I HeArt this Art

Wanted to share some of the wonderful art I’m seeing in groups I host/co-host.

What’s inspired you this week? Feel free to link your comments to your own or someone else’s art, writing, or journal. (And if you do so, I hope you’ll also click some links I provided for a nice trade of positive energy. Thanks ;)

Gili Orr in Solo Exhibition
Features 2009-November-02, Monday

by Gili Orr
Parasite – II
by Gili Orr
Underwater – detail
by Gili Orr
by Gili Orr
The big journey
by Gili Orr
by Gili Orr
by Gili Orr
Looking for my self
by Gili Orr
What’s in my head
by Gili Orr
All by myself
by Gili Orr
Global warming
by Gili Orr
Follow your nose
by Gili Orr

Southern United States Artists (SUSA)

I'm Tickled Pink. RB just gave me a shout-out.

#I’m Tickled Pink. RB just gave me a shout-out.

No, I’ve never had one of these:

…like Maggie Bernet, Leonie7, Deborah Milligan, and Reynaldo (all Solo members!) had Thursday.

Nope never had a home page. (But these 4 made Art News in Inside Solo!)

Never had one of these, either:

… like Robin had this last week.

Nope never had Featured Writing (Robin’s feature made Art News in Inside Solo, too!)

BUT, I’ve been very grateful for my 12 features this month in: About Time, Textures Unlimited, Fantasy Fine Art Composites, Dimensions, Digital Brushstrokes, Pathway to the Soul, Inspired by Life, Core [C.O.R.E], and The Divine Feminine. And for Vibration in Art and Verse – VAVoom! for poetry created for an artwork. (featured works below)

Killing Tim

Link to Inside Solo, vol 16 - now live

#Sneak Peek at Inside Solo magazine vol 16 – now live!


Note: These are down-sized and compressed jpg’s of the original full size PDF pages. The PDF pages have live links back to the artists on RB.

Firefox usually downloads to desktop. That’s the fastest way, then read it from your desktop. Otherwise, the application that works with your browser will pause and take a minute to load (seems like it’s doing nothing; but it’s loading).

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is free. You can make it the default to read PDF files for your browser or on your desktop. But again, it is slower than using Acrobat Reader straight from your desktop.

Preview (Mac app.) only shows the first page if opening it in the browser. Downloaded/save t

Some fun...here

Vonne is in the house! Her reception that is.

Come on over and have some pizza with us and look at Vonne’s wonderful art.

Vonne’s in and catching up!

We’re having some of these, baked outside in this:

My world today

Here’s what’s going on in my world today…
in case you’re interested. lol. CAUGHT YA, YOU’RE HERE!


I’m hosting (hostessing?) an artist reception for the wonderful “Daisy”, devinedaydreams. Will the real, Ms. Desirée Glanville, please stand up!

Her show is great. We both took a break, but are due back right now, as a matter of fact. Daisy took a half a day off work for the reception. If you haven’t been, now’s a good time to go check it out!

Daisy’s reception <<Click to go!

During the break I was able to check out the awesome submissions to Southern United States Artists, and feature 12 artworks spanning traditional art, digital art, and photography. I even featured one of my own, bad little me. Somebody had to do …

Sneak Peek at Inside Solo magazine vol 14 - Now Live!

#Sneak Peek at Inside Solo magazine vol 14, Now Live!


Note: These are reduced and compressed jpg’s of the original full size PDF pages. The PDF pages have live links back to the artists on RB.

PDF is live and the cover shot up there is clickable. This is really a great issue! Packed with fantastic art. Anyone can download! You do not need to be a member of Solo Exhibition to enjoy this magazine.

Photoshop Digital Art - Showcase Your Art in a Virtual Room

FAVORITE THIS INSTEAD! One Journal, All Tutorial Links

Please see the following main journal, where I’ve added a link to the tutorial on Photoshop Digital Art – Showcase Your Art in a Virtual Room.

One Journal, All Tutorial Links

Any new journal will simply let you know the main one has been updated.

If you would like to favorite and comment, please do so at the linked journal, rather than this one. Thank you!

Inside Solo vol 12 magazine released

#Inside Solo, vol 12 released


or… visit it on RB @ Inside Solo, vol 12 – RB exclusive edition

Solo Exhibition is hosting a huge Group Host Bonanza in January. Participating groups, so far, are listed on the back covers of each issue, vol. 10-12, PDF versions. Group names are each linked back to their respective group page on RB.

See announcement inside the issue on how to be a part of this, if you’re a Solo member and host or co-host a group!

Here’s a shot of the back cover for this week’s vol 12 pdf issue:

Congrats to the artists and writers contributing to this issue!
And many thanks for reading.

Coffee, tea and ... join me?

Take Action by Ruth Palmer

“Palmer literally requires us to take action and engage with her thought processes. We are required to make the transition to the surface, where she explores and responds to her world, with line, tone, and form.” — Richard Sunderland, Artist

Coffee and tea is served (well there is also wine and champagne if the time is right and you are so inclined) in an open house reception today for Ruth Palmer.

Please join us, there <<Click to go!

Critiques please...on 2 Magazine layouts in PDF

Dear Friends,

Looking for comments and critiques on these first versions of Inside Solo in PDF format.


Inside Solo, Vol 10 – pdf (3.4 MB) ISSUE w/Amanda Rae

Alt: Inside Solo, vol 10, RB/HTML version

Inside Solo, Vol 11 – pdf (2.9 MB) ISSUE w/Ruth Palmer

Alt: Inside Solo, vol 11, RB/HTML version

I’m not sure if PDF embeds the fonts or substitutes your fonts for missing ones used in the original layout. If it substitutes, you might see some funkiness INSIDE THE ISSUE; and I’d like you to report that to me. Hints would be unfinished lines, type that’s too big, etc.

Don’t worry about saying something that might appear negative in this journal. I opened up this thread just for that, and I would rather know now, so that future issues have …

A Treat for True Artists

If you didn’t catch opening day of Amanda Rae’s virtual Solo Exhibition, here’s your opportunity to take in an extremely creative, talented artist-sculptor.

Click this link to yesterday’s reception and flip through the pages of works and conversation with Amanda.

Comments are still open to group members. I’m sure she’d appreciate your take on her work. Non-members can click any image or title to comment on Amanda’s description pages.

Although 12 of her works are featured, there are many more throughout the reception gallery that augment the exhibit. It will become Amanda Rae’s permanent gallery at the close of her show.

There are other permanent galleries in the forum, too. Nice for a slow day when you would love some inspiration.

Happy brow…

How to Open and Save Animated GIFs in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

How to Open and Save Animated GIFs
in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

by F.A. Moore

Update. October 26, 2012

Some techniques described in the 3 year old article below, are no longer valid, due to updates QuickTime. QuickTime X, no longer plays animated GIF files. For Mac, the solution is to use the tips regarding Preview, which is built into all Macs, and copying each frame, in turn, from the Drawer (sidebar) of Preview. Paste these into layers in Photoshop/Elements. As of PS/E 9, Elements still does not support opening animated GIFs into layers.

September 17, 2009

I recently discovered when upgrading my Photoshop Elements 1.0 to 6.0 for the Mac, after a zillion years of not caring about the differences, that Photoshop CS3 and later versions of Elements do not open animated gifs into thei…

Man! It's for the Birds!

#Bird lovers please don’t get angry at that remark, because…

YAY!! Jan Piller is Soloing all week, and her artist reception is today!

Do you know Jan’s work? Here’s a tiny taste:

Jan Piller, Plattsville, Ontario, Canada, is a photographic artist. She delights in birds, mostly, and their infinitely curious nature. One look, however, at Jan’s images, will convince you of a magic spell she’s cast over her scene. The magic takes you in; and you will not want to escape its soft, enchanting spell.

Solo Exhibition is proud to feature twelve (12) of Jan Piller’s works in its “Featured Works” gallery on RedBubble.com, September 7th – 13th, 2009, Monday – Sunday.

Members and the public are invited to an open house reception for Jan

Honored...Featured Artist....more

#I was flabbergasted, truly…

…with the news, today, that I’m the newest “Featured Artist” in All In, ‘Editing’.

Featured Artist

…and just when I was deleting groups, too. Hmmmm. Maybe the moral to my …cleaning house…journal is…

Whip out your windex, folks!

Seriously, since I do soooo much editing (okay, as you know, I’m all about editing), it is such an honor to be named.

Other “Featured Artists” include Martin Muir, RavenSoul, shanghaiwu, Cliff Vesergaard, Mark Peterson. That’s just a few whom I’d admire, not to mention the hosts, themselves: dogfish, Sheila Laurens, and Earthmonster. I’m in excellent company, making this a terrific honor. I am humbled, grateful, and pleased. Thank you!

(wow, sure am…

Cleaning house, left some groups, feels good....

Well, wait a minute… regarding the title, cleaning the house never feels good. That’s why there are maids…

…And windex!

I will wax floors, however. I love the patina of wax, and the smell of good old canuba. mmm-mmm-mmm. Polish anyone?

Today, I just got tired of seeing all of those groups on my home page. Most I’ve contributed to rarely— an orange thingy hear, a green one there. Some I contribute to constantly, yet the hosts apparently don’t like my art; i.e., no features or comments. Hey, I can take a hint.

So I set my Safari preferences to not focus when opening a new tab, and merrily opened, I don’t know, 40 tabs or so? And “left that group”, as many times. Then one command click to “close other tabs”. Done!


Muffins? Art? Mimosas?

What could be better?

Come on over here.

If you’re like me, you’ll love Tom Sena’s energetic approach to “street life”.

Tom, in New York, is popping in and out today, Monday, and so am I. Open house.

Tom Sena expresses the vibrancy of love, life, and times in his exciting inkrub technique, overdrawn with pastels, white conte, and graphite; on a variety of paper, including watercolor, composition, and kraft paper, and collaged newspaper. Come see it large!

Tom is fairly new to Red Bubble and not well known yet. You can make a difference.

Open house.

Kseniya's artist reception tomorrow, 10 AM EDT/U.S., 4 PM Paris, 10 PM Perth

Kseniya Beliaeva, from Vitebsk and Minsk, Belarus, is best known for her lyrical pen works, creating portraits and fanciful characters from a myriad of textures, patterns, and unabashed colors.

Please join me for her Solo Exhibit in the “Featured Works” gallery of Solo Exhibition, all next week, starting Monday, August 23rd, 2009, through the following Sunday.

Her reception, in the group forums, is Monday at the times below: morning in the U.S., afternoon for Europe, and night in Australia. The public is welcome to the virtual reception; but only group members may post comments.

Artist reception for Kseniya Beliaeva (a.k.a. Kseniya), Monday 10 AM Eastern, Aug 24, 2009; or 2 PM GMT/4PM Paris

  1. Midnight Mon/Tues Sydney
  2. 11 PM Tokyo
  3. 10 PM Perth, Hong Kong
  4. 7:30 PM New Delhi
  5. 6 PM Dubai,

Photoshop/Elements Tutorial Series - Digital Art process

UPDATE I will continue to add new tutorial links to THIS, one journal.

As I add photoshop tutorials, they will go here. That way you can just favorite this one journal. From now on, new journals will simply let you know that this one has been updated with a new tutorial.

Although, I am categorizing the series as a “how to”; it is based on a new artwork, the direction of which I have no idea what it will be. So it’s also a live journal of my process in creating THIS particular digital artwork.

Many Digital Artists on Red Bubble need no guidance whatsoever. You know who you are. ;)

This series does not assume anyone’s knowledge or skill level with tools of the trade. If you have just about any version of Photoshop Elements or Photoshop or even Gimp, you should be ab…

How to Set Up a Host-Only Forum in 4 Steps and Use it to Test Formatting

How to set up a Host-Only Forum in 4 Easy Steps…
AND Use it to Test Formatting
by F.A. Moore

  1. 1. Click on the forums link at the top of your group profile page.
  2. 2. Scroll to the base of the page, left, below the red “Search the Forums” button. and click the link, Create New Forum.
  3. 3. Check the checkbox for Host Only.
  4. 4. Save!

That’s it! Now all new topics inside that forum can be read and commented only by the host and co-hosts.


Markup in Red Bubble is always somewhat trial and error. The slightest error will cause a halfway complex format to go awry. Use a host-only-forum topic for testing formatting.

A host-only forum topic is a convenient editing tool, as it turns out!

I use a topic in my “TEST TEST TEST” host-only forum to paste tests for Feature ta…

At the stike of Midnight tonight...

UPDATE: Blas Reynoso exhibit live! See reception time below. Thanks for supporting this artist.

You have just a few more hours to view the Solo Exhibiton of Ed Kinnally, which has been running since Monday in the “Featured” section of the gallery. Ed’s fractal sculptures are in a class of their own. His reception gallery is still open for comments, as well.

At the strike of midnight, tonight, Eastern Daylight Time, I present to you Blas Reynoso. He’s all yours for the weekend!

Friday – Sunday, August 14-16, 2009

Blas Reynoso, known on art sites like Red Bubble as genaro1, is a photographer whose images are surprisingly easy to spot in a group of thousands, as we have in the Solo Exhibition gallery. They have a relaxing quality about them. You feel as if invi…

Join me for Ed Kinnally's art show and reception today

World Clock for Ed Kinnally reception of Monday Aug 10, 2009 5 PM GMT, 10 AM Phoenix

Edward Kinnally, Arizona, U.S.A.

Deeply involved in the technology world for his entire career, Ed Kinnally’s art resonates with the discovery of math-generate imagery. Kinnally’s fractals are often sculpture-like, deeply shadowed, begging to be touched.

“Every phase of the effort, whether design, colorization, editing, rendering, multiple layer composites, or post processing can be very lengthily. As an example, the unique abstract stereograms can take 3-6 weeks to finish.”— Edwward Kinnally

Please join me for Ed’s reception, today, at the time listed below.

Ed’s show is seen in the “Features” gallery of Solo Exhibition, now through Thursday.

Artist R

Solo Exhibition this weekend

#“Normal is boring. Imagination is reality. Innovation is my food.” – Lior Goldenberg

There could be no better introduction to contemporary, digital artist, Lior Goldenberg, whom I have the pleasure of featuring this weekend at Solo Exhibition, Friday, July 31st through Sunday, August 2nd.

The 12 featured works show a sense of fun and exploration that is contagious. Lior Goldenberg teases you with what you think you know, then tweaks your reality.

Artist Reception: Sun Aug 2, 2009 2 PM GMT

  1. Midnight Sun/Mon Sydney
  2. 11 PM Tokyo
  3. 10 PM Perth, Hong Kong
  4. 7:30 PM New Delhi
  5. 6 PM Dubai, Moscow
  6. 5 PM Jerusalem, Bucharest
  7. 4 PM Paris, Prague, Cape Town
  8. 3 PM London
  9. 2 PM GMT
  10. 10 AM New York, Montreal
  11. 9 AM Houston, Chicago
  12. 7 AM San Francisco, Vancouver
  13. 6 AM Anchorage/4 AM Honolulu

World Clock for Lio

A few hours from now...

In just a few hours from now, you have an opportunity to meet one of the finest and most collected artists exhibiting on Red Bubble today. In the permanent collections of several museums, and with works published and gracing the covers of magazines, Joel Lambeth, is the artists’s artist.

One sweeping look at the 12 featured works in the Solo Exhibition gallery will tell you why. Exciting. Dramatic. Unique. A man with something to say!

I know it’s early AM for my fellow Americans, but if you’re up, where ever on this globe that you live, come join me in congratulating and chatting with Joel at his Artist Reception, here, in the forum of Solo Exhibition.

In my experience, Joel Lambeth is also a wonderful person to know. He is gracious, warm, and humble. I can’t say e…

Solo Exhibitions this week :: Elena Oleniuc, Mon-Thur :: Rajeev, Fri - Sun.

July 20, 2009

For Immediate Release:

Solo Exhibition is proud to present the beautiful paintings of Elena Oleniuc, of Brasov, Romania; today, July 20, Monday, through the 23rd, Thursday, in the web gallery at Solo Exhibition.

URL: http://www.redbubble.com/groups/solo-exhibition.

Oleniuc paints with tempera, acrylics, and oils. She is noted particularly for the elegance of her still lifes. Twelve (12) of Elena’s paintings are currently featured in the features gallery of Solo Exhibition, at redbubble.com.

Please come meet the Artist at a special reception on Tuesday, July 21st at 8PM GMT, which is 4 PM in New York, 9 PM in London, and 6 AM Wednesday Sydney; in the headquarters of the group in the discussion forum. Virtual refreshments will be served. Check time and date for your city

Last day for Jedika. Gina Cormier solo exhibit this weekend!

Today, Thursday, July 16, 2009, is the last day to catch the Solo Exhibition for Jedika, an Australian artist who has caught worldwide attention of late.

It has been my great pleasure to feature a few of the works from Jedika’s Lola Perrin-inspired ink series and several fine paintings.

Although Jedika’s reception was Tuesday, you can still leave Jedika a personal note in his reception room.

This Friday – Sunday, it is my pleasure to introduce Gina Cormier, a photographer whose work on Cape Cod is highlighted in her upcoming Solo Exhibiton.

Gina is excited to meet you, at the reception in her honor at the Solo Exhibition forum. See Artist Reception, below.

Friday night, North America; Saturday morning much of the rest of the world. See b…

Grand Opening - First Solo

Congratulations to John Kennedy, a.k.a., Jedika, for being our first solo-exhibition artist.

Especially solo members, but even if you’re not a member, click around on Jedika’s featured art, from inside the group page, to lend him your support.

An artist reception, with Jedika on hand, will be held tomorrow. Come by any time to party and greet him. Virtual refreshments will be on hand.

It’s a party; so post, food, jokes, pictures of your favorite Jedika art products (click the buy button, then right click to a new tab, the image of the mounted or framed artwork, etc.); anything you like for fun, and of course congratulations and praise for the artist, himself.

Due to time difference, this one is a bit early for U.S. residents. So just come in later. Coffee will always be …

One Month-a-Versary on RB - What a Month!

Today is my one month birthday of being active on RB. YAY! Happy Birthday frannieann account! (Or is that one month-a-versary?)

Finally, after living strictly a Commenter’s Life on RedBubble for a year and a half (!) (supporting a couple of friends here); last month, I uploaded a few digital artworks. My friend, Jill and I chatted about them. I was so happy for that. We had a good old time being philosophical. But no one else came. Not even RedBubble’s Home page. ;)

Now, I love to host parties. And I’ve never had to worry about “nobody coming” to the party. It was obvious that I was missing something here.

On June 10, 2009, one month ago, I submitted a new work, Life-Giver, to a couple of groups. BAM!

  1. Comments (Wow! Besides my pal, Jill! :)


  1. a Feature

Announcement: Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition has started accepting Best Works from artists on Red Bubble. The new member magazine, “Inside Solo”, will begin highlighting some of the artists and their submissions to the group. Banner graphics for Featured in “Inside Solo” are being accepted for a new challenge, now.

I would like to welcome the following members who joined the first week, even before an official announcement:

  1. Andrew Gordon (AndrewGordon)
  2. AngelArtiste (AngelArtiste)
  3. antoniodepadua (antoniodepadua)
  4. Phil Deaves (ashpipedevil)
  5. blamo (blamo)
  6. Daniel Barrie (Bloto)
  7. Luann wilslef (Chaylu)
  8. Joel Lambeth (cutpaste)
  9. Stephanie M. Wood (DeviousLili)
  10. Kim McClain (fotokmcc)
  11. genaro1 (genaro1)
  12. Gili Orr (gili)
  13. Graham Mewburn (grahammewburn)
  14. Hannah Fenton-Williams (hannah109)
  15. HansBellani (HansBellani) host
  16. Jan Pi

New American Landscape 6X Feature and Jun 28-Jul 5th in Review

The highlights of my week on Red Bubble were serveral.

Number one had to be getting approval for the Southern United States Artists group. I am accepting work with an eye toward exhibition and have high aspirations for it. I am glad to have Levi Moore (no relation), a.k.a. artmonger as my co-host.

Just as exciting is the start of production on Frans List: Art, featuring some fine artists of Red Bubble. More on that as I get closer to the first feature show.

New American Landscape
Third on the list, but truly inspirational, was the six features awarded to New American Landscape. New American Landscape shows Gargoyles, one of which is tatooed as Mont-n-sano. The work represents Monsanto’s decimation of the farmer and agriculture as we know it. This is due, in part, to their patentin…

Mont-n-sano in The New American Landscape series

Artists and writers have always taken their responsibility seriously to speak for those who cannot or will not.

Today, I exercise that liberty. My newest work in The New American Landscape series, speaks not only to the American plight; but also to one clouding the landscapes of Europe, India, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, and soon more.

Large corporations have agendas that are changing cultures rapidly, under our very feet, with the food we eat and grow.

I support and applaud science. My family tradition is steeped in pioneering science over many generations. But I draw the line at the USE of science to take over power that belongs in the hands of many.

Certain corporations have insidiously sought and won patents on GENES, because they funded discovery of that gene. The patent protects a…

Southern United States Artists group approved!

Southern United States Artists is now official.

artmonger is my co-host.

Thank you, Levi!

The mission of the group is to put on fine art exhibits and tours across the southern U.S.

I don’t believe that if you build it, they will come. I believe you have to go get them out of bed.

So… if you know any Southern artists, please send them our way.
Thanks for your support.

Still waiting for a sharp co-host to step up for “Solo Exhibits”, a new group that will feature one artists’ works at a time on the feature board. :D

Frans List: Art - Announcement!


Talent and personalities scream at Red Bubble. Art and artists that I’ve met here are nothing, if not exciting, inspiring, and shall I say it?: addictive. Thus, my spiritual mission, it seems, has caught up with me.

Starting this month, I will feature artists in this space, weekly. The feature will include an interview, pictures, maybe video or audio links; if we’re lucky, an exclusive; and always art. It will give you a bright, new perspective on an artist of RB; one whom I believe is brilliant.

Look for the title: “Frans List: Art”, plus a volume number (added for title uniqueness), in your watch list.

On a separate, but related note, while I have your attention: I plan to start a new “Solo Exhibit” group that fe…

My Hero and Rain Catcher featured Sunday!

Two features start off the new week with a bang!

  1. 2009-06-28 My Hero in in-between
  1. 2009-06-28 Rain Catcher in Freedom to Shine

My Hero , my tribute to my father, garnered its third feature, today. The “in-between” group added the work to its featured gallery, Sunday June 28.

This is my first feature with “in-between”, a group that focuses on things that don’t quite fit traditional art; be it in concept or rendering. I hope that I’m paraphrasing that correctly.

Thank you so much to these co-hosts, Mimi Yoon and Scott Allison.

Rain Catcher, a new work uploaded today, was featured by Freedom to Shine. Freedom to Shine, a group dedicated to the growth and encouragement of both student and teacher, professional and amateur, added Rain Catcher to its featured ga…

Co-Host suggestions for Southern United States Artists

UPDATE: July 1, 2009 Approved!
Southern United States Artists is now official.
artmonger is my co-host.

Thanks, Levi!

I hope you can help me out.

Start an RB group for Southern, United States Artists. Artists from the following states would be included:

North Carolina
South Carolina

umm…. let me see, got to get out my map (geography is not my strong suit)

West Virginia*

*thanks, Artmonger

I know Texans consider themselves Southerners, because I lived there for 25 years. But, Texas has a distinct culture and landscape all its own; and I feel it’s more “Southwestern”.

Encourage fine art, share resources, and put together some brick-and-mortar exhibi…

Life-Giver and My Hero Featured Today

Today, Life-Giver was featured in the Fantasy Art gallery and My Hero was featured in the Digital Artists United gallery.

Both of these groups have a large number of submissions of quality digital art works. So I am, of course, honored by the features.

This brings a total of 13 features and/or challenge placements in the last week. Thirteen has perhaps never felt so lucky. This is the fifth feature for “Life-Giver” and the second for “My Hero”.

Thanks to all for your support. It means more than you know.

I will be posting three (3) new Abstract art works this (Sunday) morning.

2009-06-27 Life-Giver in Fantasy Art


2009-06-27 My Hero in Digital Artists United

My Hero

Features Ketchup

I mean, features catch up.

It’s so rewarding to get noticed and I’ve been honored with a eight (8) features or challenge wins, since I last posted about Sanctum’s double feature, Monday, June 22.

Here’s what’s happened since then:

I won the banner challenge for the new Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts Movement group’s “Featured” banner, Tuesday, June 23rd.

If you voted, thanks so much. My rb friend, Ksyenia, placed second for her beautiful entry. She probably should have won first, but I’ll take it! :D

2009-06-23 Featured in Art Nouveau – Challenge Winner, Art Nouveau. (This image is the new “Featured” banner for the group.)

And that warranted a feature in the group, Wednesday, June 24th.

2009-06-24 Featured in Art

A Good Day to Write About God and Aliens

This seemed a good day to write about God.
God as I know him and as I don’t.

The other day I entered a challenge of goddesses.

Not that anyone has ever called me a goddess.
No. I was wired at birth, and also plugged in.
But the goddess module went missing and it was never found.

It was soon apparent that in its place was the alien module.
I spoke to them and flew with them over our world and others.

Surely my father, a N.A.C.A./N.A.S.A. scientist, had agreed
for an alien seed to be planted in my mother. She always said
I was the only one planned(ted) of the four. You see(d)?
Our trip out West, including to Roswell, was to the place
of my (in)seminal birth.

Enough about my childhood as human-alien!

What about dueling goddesses and God?

So I wondered, just for a few seconds (that I migh…

Sanctum - Double Featured this Weekend

Sanctum, my first all black and white work, was double-featured on Saturday, June 20, 2009 by the All Things Black and Abstract Digital Art and Writing groups on Red Bubble.

The All Things Black gallery features images with a predominantly black subject.

ABSTRACT DIGITAL ART AND WRITING or ADAWG, as it’s popularly called, focuses on written prose and the art that illustrates it. It’s unusual in that it combines the two mediums for a unique and fascinating gallery.

Sanctum is my first feature in each of these groups. I’m grateful and deeply honored by the acknowledgement of this digital fine art piece.

Sanctum employs a black and white room made up of only 2 graphic source elements: 1) a stained glass window, and 2) a checkered floor.

The floor was brought into several se…

The Choice - II Featured in The Divine Feminine Gallery

The Divine Feminine group gave me my first-ever feature on Red Bubble, and they have given me my latest, this Saturday, June 20, 2009.

The Choice – II was awarded today by Barbara Glatzeder and Terry Hinkle, co-hosts of The Divine Feminine group, along wtih MoonSpiral.

The Divine Feminine gallery celebrates the essential goddess in women, and represents auspicious talent on Red Bubble.

I’m grateful and honored by their choice.

Link to The Choice – II

How about those banners!

I recently entered a banner competition in the Art Nouveau group, here at Red Bubble.

Here’s the essence of banners, the challenge: All elements must be simplified to send a powerful visual, concentrated on one thing — THE MESSAGE.

A banner is nothing, if not the message.

The best banners are usually not as artistic as they are cleanly pointed. It’s easy to imagine how expressive art could overpower a message, given the tiny space of a banner.

My banner-making days go way back; and my web application development still demands creative production.

For me, the requirement to focus on a message— so practiced in my hundreds of banners, has enabled transformation of my fine art pieces into statements, even if subtle or subliminal. I am really enjoying that expressive pr…

Dream Shaman Featured by the Mature Woman Group

There comes a time, when you just say hey, “forgetaboutit”, and admit that you are “a mature woman”.

I take it that it’s something like standing before AA. But I don’t know.
All I know is that on other social sites, I don’t reveal my age.

Here, at Red Bubble, I thought, “what the heck”, I’m an artist. Age doesn’t matter. Or does it.

Dream Shaman was featured in Mature Woman, today. And I am flattered.

Neener-neeners to those who have not reached the golden age of being able to be featured there! :))

The Mature Woman: group is focused on art by mature woman, probably of mature age, but maybe of mature nature. The host leaves it for us to decide, I believe.

And that means you can forget about the “neeners” and jus…

Life-Giver featured in the Featured Features group gallery

The Featured Features group, also known as The Feature Fraternity awarded Life-Giver a feature this afternoon, Tuesday, June 16 2009.

To be selected for a feature spot, among so many other top-gun pieces, is a real honor. Kind of like the best of the best.

Well, allow me to bask in that a few seconds until it hits home that I’m only as good as my next painting. :))

Thanks to the hosts of the Feature Fraternity for noticing!

Link to Life-Giver

Dear God, WHEN? featured in the Core [C.O.R.E] Gallery today

“Dear God, WHEN?”, was feature today by the Core [C.O.R.E]. The Core [C.O.R.E] gallery especially highlights passionate artworks with science or religious themes, with the core thesis that we don’t have to agree in principle to enjoy art! Ushna Sardar, co-host of the group made the award, Tuesday, June 16 2009..

The Core Gallery is superb, and there are some excellent works featured already this week. I am in awesome company. I consider Dear God, WHEN? my first, perhaps, truly surrealistic work. I love surrealism, and often use elements of it. But this work is almost fully immersed in the style.

The work is best viewed large. The dimensions are 5000 × 3335. So details can get lost in these reduced image sizes. You will find detail images on the main page that show …

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait