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F.A. Moore

F.A. Moore

Newport News, United States

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Nice Job on the Images Pages RB!

Tues. November 20, 2012

Great job, RedBubble, on the newly designed, aerodynamic image pages.

The Links to the Comments and Description are clearly marked and in sync with the general page design on the site.

My favorite part is the collection of thumbnails on the same page as the starring image. This is so much nicer than than the 3-image scroller that used to occupy the right column. The design gives the image breathing room.

The page is also a handy compromise solution to those who would like to hide comments altogether (yes, there are some who would like that very much). It’s all about discovery, which, after all is the real fun in the web.

The nice thing is, no SEO is sacrificed. Underneath the hood, everything is actually still on one HTML page. It’s just that, through the magic of JavaScript, it is hidden to the viewer, until we click the appropriate link. That design is a very efficient use of eyeball space, instead of cramming everything into view at once.

Just for thoroughness, in case anyone might not see the links right away, here’s a downsized screenshot, with important links circled and described.


  • micklyn
    micklynalmost 2 years ago

    I agree, the new design is awesome. : )

  • Especially, the image page is a huge improvement, and will keep people on an artist’s page longer. I can see where some would want the description and comments together. But the description is so nice alone; because you can focus on the image’s bio, so to speak, and not be distracted by comments. I think it’s put together well for a more serious art purchaser. Moving comments to the “back” is a smart move.

    – F.A. Moore

  • Mieke Boynton
    Mieke Boyntonalmost 2 years ago

    I love it!

  • Me Too!!

    – F.A. Moore

  • Mieke Boynton
    Mieke Boyntonalmost 2 years ago

    Except for the Portfolio (which defaults to Most Popular order), the order of the thumbnails for the collections are fully customisable, by selecting “Custom View” as the default order (from your settings on your Profile page), and then setting your Custom Order from within the Collection. Very very very awesome!!!

  • Yes, good point, and the portfolio is still sorted either by recent, most popular, or by sales, I am guessing. Have you tried shifting your preference for that and seeing if it affects the scroller here? (It might take some time.)

    – F.A. Moore

  • For instance, my portfolio, above is showing in most recent order, which is also my preference setting.

    – F.A. Moore

  • artisandelimage
    artisandelimagealmost 2 years ago

    hum, not convinced… once again, the work of group hosts is not easier, notably for those groups in which some mentions are required in the description area.

  • Valerie Anne Kelly
    Valerie Anne K...almost 2 years ago

    Oh it just keeps getting better eh Frannie? I love the order of it ;~} Valz

  • LoveringArts
    LoveringArtsalmost 2 years ago

    " Yes " I too Love the move forward by RB Frannie , the new thumbnail slide is just brilliant and the repositioning of the comment & description is just a wonderful idea , and just as Micklyn suggested the need for some who like to see the comments connected to the image will upset a few , but yes to "Focus " on the image is far more important .it is lovely to receive great comments and have a wee chat , but I believe sales can be improved with this set up .
    Funny enough I asked my clients and friends what they thought when they tuned into Redbubble and what they thought of my site …… And I was really surprised by their thoughts , their comments ranged from " reading my comments " & " my replays " and not really focusing on works ,
    I also have an account with Fineartamerica where sales are massive compared to RB , the proven footfall of buyers and non members that visit this site is amazing , they have a community that have a different culture than RB , the works posted there are the " focus " ,and attract the more serious purchaser .
    There again not all is lost here on RB , those buttons are there to interact and comment !

    Well done Redbubble ….. Moving forward is the way to go . Regards Paul

  • Your observations are astute, Paul. I’m not on FAA, so it is very interesting to hear your comparison and thoughts on the potential effect of the new layout. It’s far too easy for a potential buyer to get distracted by reading the comments, especially. Us visual artists and photographers opened an account to sell art; and RB is putting money, time, research, and effort to make that happen. The new format is a very good step forward.

    – F.A. Moore

  • © Janis Zroback
    © Janis Zrobackalmost 2 years ago

    The only thing that bothers me is the extra time it takes to feature works and the long list of groups in the middle of the description page…I would like to see the group list collapsed on the left…a description is very important to the way the art is presented…

  • I’m not sure if everyone realizes this, Janis, but the group list only appears to logged-in members of RedBubble. It is not seen by outside visitors. The group list is not just “hidden” from view, in the case of non-members; it is not in the page code at all; and, thus, also not accessible to search engines. (Search engines read code not the page as we see it.)

    They do collapse the group list down to 10 plus a link to see more, currently, as it has been. I can understand why they chose the right side, though. The description for most, will take up less room— given the width of the right column, than the bio in the narrow left column.

    For hosts who are looking for whether a work is featured or not, it is critical that this list is easily accessible. I would be fine with it either in the left column or the right.

    – F.A. Moore

  • Albert
    Albertalmost 2 years ago

    a description is very important to the way the art is presented…

  • I agree, and that’s why I will always view a work’s Description, IF I’m interested.

    But that is the point, isn’t it? Most art viewers, present RB community company possibly excepted, are interested in the art, first and foremost. The image page is much more engaging to them, because they get to see the art, actually in the context of other artworks by the artists (which are similar, if the artist takes advantage of collections).

    Discovery has always been the impetus and driver of the web. That’s why we still have links, after all of this time; because they are the simplest, most efficient and, still, most effective means of discovery. It’s proven through marketing of all types, not just on the web, that an engaged prospect will more likely buy from you. The more clicks, the more views, the further down the path they are to saying “yes”, instead of “maybe”.

    Despite our fabulous community of friends and peers, the image-makers, at least, probably came here, originally to sell. So if we look at our site on RedBubble as a little business, then changes should be viewed in light of that, I believe.

    The act of clicking a link engages the viewer. They click “Description” because the image has compelled them to learn more! That’s a good thing. Now they are engaged and everything is not pushed on them. It’s hard for me to imagine, because, as you can see, I like to expound on things. But I’ve learned that, especially on the web, many people do not read, do not want to read, and actually some get very confused if they have to read.

    Reading can especially distract people from the visual experience that they hoped for when coming to an art site. They want to look, not read! So I think we are doing the right thing here. It is much more professional, considering the visual medium.

    Sure, the community has to work harder to get what many, I am guessing most of us know well, expect, and relish by now, which is those descriptions— some researched, some poetic, some pure description. THEY are what engage us, as a community! Then, there are the comments. So now we have to click for both. I’m okay with that, personally.

    The way I look at it, is that we are presenting a more professional face to the outside, which focuses on what they came to SEE— the artwork. And everything else is accessible by easily discoverable links. Links allow everyone to see exactly what they want to see, which is a responsible way to format a page.

    – F.A. Moore

  • linaji
    linajialmost 2 years ago

    I love it.. Agree and Amen

  • Thanks for your input, Lina! ;)

    – F.A. Moore

  • Beatrice Cloake
    Beatrice Cloakealmost 2 years ago

    I love it!!! Thank you RB

  • Thanks for leaving a comment, Beatrice! :)

    – F.A. Moore