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F.A. Moore

F.A. Moore

Newport News, United States

Major Easy Button update


New items

New items include device cases for iPad, Samsung Phone, iPod Touch, and now, separately selectable iPhone 4, 5, or default. Also new are separately selectable Hoodies in Pullover or Zipper styles. These no longer need to be the default view for t-shirts. You can now select the default for Baby (kid’s clothes). Duvet Covers in king, queen, or twin; and large images for Throw Pillows are also new.

New Code Options

New Code Options include “sizes” and “description”. Generally the description will be the very short official description, like “Kids Clothes” or “iPhone and iPod Cases”.

See below for examples. The new “sizes” option is especially useful; and it is specific to the work requested. For example, if you are getting image code to promote an Art Print, and that work is available in x small, and small only, then the size caption will state “available in x small and small”. But for one of your other works, it might have different sizes. Sizes are very specific to each work.

When all of the code options are checked, together, you have a powerful promotional piece. If you are promoting your art and photography on a web site or blog, be sure and check out the html code option. The option is not new, but is especially useful for marketers. It will convert what you see in the preview to HTML code and provide the HTML in a 2nd text box for you, in addition to the RB-site specific code.

CAVEAT: price, sizes, and description do not work on the Display Only Images (Feature images and Thumbnails); only title & byline and html options, as before; because these other special features are not useful for features and are too much information for thumbnail lineups.



Feature – large is now the default

The Easy Button no longer supports creating images for “private” works.

The Easy Button no longer makes code for formats specifically disabled by the artist for a selected work. For example, you will not get EB code, when you have selected a Framed print, if the artist has not enabled Framed Prints for sale, for that work.

This was partially implemented before; but is now fully implemented.

Because Feature – large is now the default, the special queries, “?SoJie-Exhibit” and “?Host Hullabaloo”, are no longer needed and are deprecated. Re-bookmark the page without the query; otherwise your request may fail.


Medium size throw pillow images were fixed by using the straight, instead of rotated image.

Throw Pillows are relabeled as “Throw Pillow / Cushion”.

I also fixed some code on the server that was denying some Firefox browsers from interacting with our servers, due to the way their headers were forming the request. Those users were getting a “Forbidden” response, although the error code may not have been revealed to them. They may have simply wondered why they didn’t get any code. This only affected about 20 for every 100,000 uses. That’s 2 one-hundredths of one percent. But I know one of those people. If you were one affected, try Firefox now.

Interface has changed:

Not only the input field, but also the round red submit button, code box, and preview image are now at the top of the page, rather than the base of the page. This will allow speedier repetition for hosts using the tool for one image after another, in the same format (usually for the purpose of feature layouts).

Errors are still red, but are now very large and situated right above the code box, where
you will be looking for your code to appear. If code doesn’t appear, raise your eyes slightly and you will read what went wrong and why. Mostly they say stuff like “Private images are no longer supported” or “The tote bag is not listed as a product for sale”… or something like that.

The tool is now a full page, but a fully responsive page, and re-organized for efficient use. It also has a format that allows for product expansion.

You can squish the window down to about 300 pixels wide and still see and get to everything you need. See (reduced) screenshot below, shot at 391 pixels wide. It should be readily useable from smart phones and tablets (although it has not been tested on them). If it worked before from your device, it should still work the same.

Instead of referring to image sizes as before — for example: “Feature – large” or “Feature – medium” or “Thumbnail – small” — now ALL image sizes are identified with (l) or (m) or (s) or (xs); just like that, in parentheses. This is more efficient use of space.

Remember (l) or (m) or (s) or (xs) refer to the preview image size that the code makes, not the product size! Product sizes, or types, where applicable will be subchoices. You’ll see. It’s intuitive, and very much like before—maybe a little handier (hopefully).

Organized as followed

  1. Imprintable Products
    1. Device cases
      1. iPhone 5, 4, and default
      2. iPad
      3. Samsung
      4. iPod Touch
    2. Wearable
      1. Hoodie pullover, zipped
      2. T-shirt (default)
      3. Baby (default)
      4. Tote (m)(s), each w/ (on)rack, off
    3. Home decor
      1. Duvet (l)(m)(s), each w/ K, Q, T (i.e.; king, queen, twin)
      2. Throw Pillow / Cushion (l)(m)(s)
  1. Specialty Prints
    1. Special
      1. Card
      2. Postcard
      3. Sticker
    2. Framed (w/ mat colors White or Black)
      1. Black Frame W, B
      2. Cherry Frame W, B
      3. Walnut Frame W, B
      4. Mocha Frame W, B
    3. Unframed
      1. Canvas
      2. Art Print
      3. Metal
      4. Poster
  1. Display Image, only
    1. Full Scale
      1. Feature (l)(m)(s)
    2. Thumbnails
      1. Thumb (l)(m)(s)



Responsive Layout
@391 px
Code Options


Example displays

by F.A. Moore

Duvet Covers
available in twin, queen, and king

by F.A. Moore

Metal Prints from only 77.33 USD
available in x small, small, and medium


by F.A. Moore

Samsung Galaxy Cases
available as samsung galaxy s4 snap, samsung
galaxy s4 tough, samsung galaxy s3 snap, and
samsung galaxy s3 tough
by F.A. Moore

iPad Cases from only 74.55 USD
available as ipad3 deflector


by F.A. Moore

Throw Pillows
available as small and medium


Star is Born
by F.A. Moore

Kids Clothes from only 23.33 USD
available in shortsleeve one piece, longsleeve one piece, baby tee,
and kids tee


Star is Born
by F.A. Moore


If you have any questions…

Please feel free to message me if you have questions after trying out the new interface.

This is a major update, and you might have them.

However, I will say, that probably all of your questions are answered on the page itself. It generally operates exactly the same. Things have been moved around a bit, and some options added; and some undocumented features (private images and disabled products) deleted. That’s about it.


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