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Tutorial - How To Make the most of Redbubble Product Borders

Borders are a big plus with the new scarf product. We can be very creative with
position of the main image, background color, etc.…

If you can use Photoshop or GIMP, the tips below will start you on a creative
adventure with borders.

This tutorial will inspire you beyond centering an image within borders. Follow along.
I’ve laid this out in steps, including special notes (with requisite warnings) on resizing.



Original artwork is a rectangle in profile mode.

original artwork



Use Resize > Image to study the original dimensions and resolution.
If the dimensions of your original are much smaller than the
suggested product dimensions; it would be unwise to use the following
methods; because the print will be degraded. In that case, skip to Step 6.

original pixel dimensions and resolutio

My Signature Series

My Signature Series


really big Scarf Inspiration:

At 57 × 57 inches, these are gigantic…and semi sheer.
I have designed these for the feminine aesthete; for business or pleasure; from the yacht club to the board room, to PTA— no glass ceiling in sight.

Peacock Garden
in “Soft Red”

Peacock Garden
in “Marine Blue”

Gone Fishing
in “Fisher Blue”

Gone Fishing
in “Cloud White”

Three Princes
in “Royal Blue”

Three Princes
in “Peach”

Minimal Red
in “Pumpkin”

Minimal Red
in “Rich Red”

China Cabinet Still Life I
in “Red Wine”

China Cabinet Still Life I
in “Apple Green”

China Cabinet Still Life I
in “Olive Green”


Decorative Signature Art Prints:

Self-matted, these decorative fine art prints add a contemporary flair to any space— perfect for the budget minded, too.

Peacock Garden
in “So

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my friends and acquaintances at RedBubble a joyous Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, and/or a beautiful holiday. T’is the season of goodwill. Let’s pray for peace on earth.

…from me to you!

Network Instability may affect certain areas

Tuesday. August 12, 2014, 12:36 pm EDT


Today, there is Network instability on the web, affecting traffic through certain hubs serviced by major carriers.

That will trickle down to servers which are serviced by those same carriers—at least for traffic going through the problematic hubs.

This morning, the site had comments from a number of people in the UK about and .uk being down.

I also had a report today from the UK that wasn’t connecting for them. They were attempting to use one of our tools, The Easy Button (RB-url2image). However I could access it just fine from here on the east coast of the U.S., and confirmed that the site was up.

There is another service you can check if you having problems with a certain web

Landscape mode on iPad Cases - buyers' choice?

Monday. August 4, 2014

Should Buyers have a choice of landscape image ipad cases rotated “right” or “left”?

I invite you to, scan through this illustrated research that I put together after wondering aloud with Kasia D. which is the correct way?

Neither Kasia or I own an iPad. Kasia went by the RedBubble pictures in their iPad Case help and I went by some initial research on real-world use. We came to different conclusions, initially.

I had rotated my Cruising the Seine image right in Photoshop Elements, before uploading it. Although left seemed more natural to me, I changed it to right after my initial research at the time.

Cruising the Seine
by F.A. Moore


In Kasia’s workshop studio @ solo exhibition, she showcases an iPad case with an image rotated left, for landscape mode.

Gorgeous Ma

Major Easy Button update


New items

New items include device cases for iPad, Samsung Phone, iPod Touch, and now, separately selectable iPhone 4, 5, or default. Also new are separately selectable Hoodies in Pullover or Zipper styles. These no longer need to be the default view for t-shirts. You can now select the default for Baby (kid’s clothes). Duvet Covers in king, queen, or twin; and large images for Throw Pillows are also new.…

New Code Options

New Code Options include “sizes” and “description”. Generally the description will be the very short official description, like “Kids Clothes” or “iPhone and iPod Cases”.

See below for examples. The new “sizes” option is especially useful; and it is specific to the work requested. For example, if you are getting image code to promote an Art Print, and that work is

Product BULK Editing Explained

I expect that by now, many of you are aware of the Product Availability button and how it acts as a bulk enable or disable for products (which are enabled by default).…

But some are not aware of this feature, and some are not so sure about it.

Here’s a quick, illustrated HOW-TO disable a product across the board; and how to add that same product back to one or more images, at your own discretion.

Everything in red, including the red bars with white typing are my Notes. They do not appear in the tool :)



1. Find the button, “Product Availability” at the top of Manage Works




2. Select the product that you want to disable.
This action must be done one product at a time.




3. Submit to “Enable” or “Disable” across all your portfolio




That’s it! Now to enable that same product

Product Group Editing and Select Tabs Explained

Product Group Editing can be a bit mysterious. Here’s a quick, illustration of the tabbed options for products, what they do, and how to use them.…

A fellow artist approached me today, who had mistakenly taken down an entire image upload, when really what was wanted was to delete the product image, because it was not working. See the illustrations below for the ideal solution.

1. Identify the product group


2. Select the product group


3. The Edit Tab
Notice the little “writing” icon on the tab. Think of it as meaning “edit” the product image.


4. The Item Tab – defaults
Notice the checkmark icon on the tab. Think of it as meaning “select” items.


5. The Item Tab – change selections


6. The Item Tab – Apply Changes, then SAVE WORK.



To disable a product in BULK, across ALL you

Showcase your favorite RB Product

How to get your favorite product noticed on your portfolio page.

Let’s say you have a favorite new RB product, on which your designs and artwork look spectacular. You might consider a product-specific collection.…

In summary: a) make a new collection and name it for the product you want to highlight; b) move all or a representative group of works that you have made available in that product, into the new collection, in the normal way, c) sort the collection as you wish; d) select display settings inside the collection’s “edit” menu; and e) select your target product type for the display; save; and you’re done.

Here’s a quickie illustrated guide on how to make a collection display as a specific product. I used an existing collection called “Brown” to display as “Tote Bags” in the illustra

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait