F.A. Moore

F.A. Moore

Newport News, United States

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I paint under the signature of “F.A. Moore” and have been doing so since a very tender age. My background and degree is in the sciences and design.

Two of my original woven and hand-blocked textile pieces were sponsored in a year-long tour of over 100 U.S. museums when I was 25.

Oil painting is my current focus, although you will also find my portfolio especially strong in mixed media digital art.

I enjoy portraying people in meaningful works which document the human psyche.

Contact me for commission work, or to buy an original which you want to hang in your home or office.

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Currently showing in…

See my work in the ‘Magicians of Still Life’ exhibition,
sponsored by Solo Exhibition
curated by Beatrice Cloake


Fran’s gallery in Solo’s Host Hullabaloo 2010 Exhibit
Fran’s gallery in Solo’s Host Hullabaloo 2011 Exhibit
Fran’s gallery in Solo’s Host Hullabaloo 2012 Exhibit
Fran’s gallery in Solo’s Host Hullabaloo 2013 Exhibit
Fran’s gallery in Solo’s Host Hullaballo 2014 Exhibit

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