Since school I have been taking photos and riding bikes. Only old ones. My first was a BMW R27 250cc single. In white.
Since then the most modern bike I have owned was my 1975 Benelli 750 SEI. I have restored WWII BMW army combination, Brough Superior SS100, NSU and a 1915 Indian amongst others.
But favourite was my 1944 Indian Chief, bought 1998 in Sydney. I made it into a Bobber when nobody knew what I was talking about. It’s my daily, and often only form of transport, having taken me over half of Australia and half of Europe.
And all of New Zealand and Japan. The two best countries for motorcycle touring, especially Japan!
Let me know, if you disagree ;-)
I planned to ride all around the world to take photos for an Indian book. But I got stuck too long in OZ and Japan. So the next leg across America is postponed for the time being.

More photos also on my website:
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Let me know if you would like me to take some photos like this of your bike or car.
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