Where can one begin to imagine what it must feel like to lose a child? Who ever expects a child to die before a parent? But when it happens what can one do to stop the hurt and anger? The feelings of emptiness this family must feel inside will never be filled again. The two siblings, a brother and sister, will never be able to accept that their younger brother will no longer be there to tease, laugh with them, share the years ahead with them. They no longer have a special little brother to be proud of. He can no longer make them enjoy the beauty of being an aunt and uncle. And his parents? They will never enjoy their youngest son’s grandchildren or the life he had planned for himself.

Last night I received a phone call telling me that my friend’s son, Vincent, a brilliant final year student at Cambridge University, was knocked off his mountain bike by a car and died. Just like that, in an instance his life was ended. He was a student who had so much to live for, a son whose family have been split in two and will never understand why it had to happen to him. A youngest child who died in such a stupid way. His father John had to make the longest journey of his life to identify his baby boy. He said he looked like he was sleeping, so why couldn’t he wake up and it all be just a bad dream?

Today his mother will have to make the journey to get the body; cold words, as cold as he is now that his soul has left forever.

What must the driver who took away all this hope and happiness be feeling? He was going too fast and hit Vincent. He stopped, but multiple head injuries didn’t await the ambulance. I will never know but I hope that he will be forgiven for his sins. I hope he will be able to find some peace, somehow, throughout the rest of his life.

All I can do is be there for them. All I can do is support them in their grief and hold back the tears and sadness that I feel for them. God bless your beautiful soul, Vincent Carta.

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