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Broke out of prison today!

The van wouldn’t start but we managed to get the car going and made it to the nearest supermarket. It’s normally 8 kms away but we had to make a big detour to get there through the snow. There was hardly anyone in the shop because they couldn’t get there either. It was scary! Anyway, the dogs now have food and we’ve bought even more for us, ‘cos guess what? We’re expecting more snow on Monday!

Wish I had some canvases though. When we run out of watercolour paper, I’m going to start painting spring flowers on the walls and ceilings as I’m climbing up them!



  • Marsha Elliott
    Marsha Elliottover 2 years ago

    LOLOLOLOL!!!! Love your last sentence!

  • Jim Phillips
    Jim Phillipsover 2 years ago

    Have known the feeling Fran. We laugh at the old tradition here in the southern US about how everyone heads to the supermarket even if there’s just talk of snow. Whether you really need anything or not it always provides a good time to see all your friends and neighbors. But of course there’s always “Murphy’s Law” that says you will always not have the one thing you need the most regardless of how carefully you plan. I’m just glad to hear the dogs aren’t going hungry… LOL

  • AngieDavies
    AngieDaviesover 2 years ago

    Hope you thaw out soon! Those wall paintings may just start a new trend! :)