Hello World!

6 days of snow and ice that won’t go away. We’ve had no post, no rubbish collections and no bread van. I know lots of you have much more snow than we do here, but in rural France they don’t clear the roads.

We’re nearly out of potatoes and the dogs food is getting low. I’ve run out of canvases (never painted so much in all my life), but we do have watercolour paper. I’m scratching around for frames for all these paintings I’m doing and I’m running out of those too!

We’ve got brussels sprouts in the veggy patch, but they’re so frozen I can’t pick them. The newly sprouted broad beans are dead and it’s even killed the curly kale, which is practically impossible.

There’s a big dog that keeps turning up outside our fence and front gate that we don’t recognize and it’s driving our four dogs mad. Ian calls it a wolf.

On a more positive note, we have loads of food in the freezer and a big log fire in the kitchen, which is where we live at the moment!

Anyone whose seen my paintings will know I love colour. I’m sick of being made a prisoner by all this white fluffy stuff, so I’m painting spring things like there’s no tomorrow.

There! That’s my winge for today. I feel better now! Back to painting!


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