Broke out of prison today!

The van wouldn’t start but we managed to get the car going and made it to the nearest supermarket. It’s normally 8 kms away but we had to make a big detour to get there through the snow. There was hardly anyone in the shop because they couldn’t get there either. It was scary! Anyway, the dogs now have food and we’ve bought even more for us, ‘cos guess what? We’re expecting more snow on Monday!

Wish I had some canvases though. When we run out of watercolour paper, I’m going to start painting spring flowers on the walls and ceilings as I’m climbing up them!


Hello World!

6 days of snow and ice that won’t go away. We’ve had no post, no rubbish collections and no bread van. I know lots of you have much more snow than we do here, but in rural France they don’t clear the roads.

We’re nearly out of potatoes and the dogs food is getting low. I’ve run out of canvases (never painted so much in all my life), but we do have watercolour paper. I’m scratching around for frames for all these paintings I’m doing and I’m running out of those too!

We’ve got brussels sprouts in the veggy patch, but they’re so frozen I can’t pick them. The newly sprouted broad beans are dead and it’s even killed the curly kale, which is practically impossible.

There’s a big dog that keeps turning up outside…

Ink on canvas!!!!!!!! Help!

Hello everyone,

I’m in the middle of a new painting and it’s not acryilic! I had a brainstorm one night and decided to paint in Winsor and Newton Ink on canvas! Watered down of course! The detailed bit seems to be going fine but it creates those terrible water marks (backruns) when I try to do a large bit of background. I’ve looked on the internet and can only find 2 people who work with ink on canvas. Anyone got any bright ideas?

I am using distilled water, by the way, which is the norm with ink, but I’ve only ever used ink with a dip pen, never with a brush and never on canvas. Am I breaking new ground? or can anyone tell me how to get rid of these water marks?

Hope someone can help, ‘cos I don’t want to give up on this yet, it seems so interes…

Thank you everyone for your comments on 'Approaching Montbron'

Thanks so much for everyone’s comments. I can’t reply to each one right now as I’ve damaged the ligaments in my right shoulder. I can type, but I can’t paint and I can’t use the mouse unless I drag it to the left side. (I’m right handed) It’s not easy, try it! I can’t lift my arm at all! Ian is doing all the work, including cooking! My doctor says it’s good!, she wishes she could make her husband do all the cooking but I am climbing the walls. I am doped up on painkillers and anti-inflammatories but they don’t seem do be doing much good. I hope I’m back in action soon!


I feel like a stranger here!

I’ve been so busy trying to grow the veggies for the year that I haven’t touched a paintbrush for weeks now. However, it’s pouring with rain today (we need it). So, I finished a painting that’s been sitting on my easel for months! It was so relaxing to paint again, but the vegetables must take priority at this time of year! Already loads in the freezer, the cherries are all made into jam and chutney and I can hear Ian saying soon, ‘Oh no, not courgettes again’!

But we are already eating, peas, beans, cabbages, courgettes, swiss chard, lettuces and we don’t have to worry about e-coli, ‘cos we know where it came from. It’s all organic and from MY garden! Hopefully, I can spend a bit more time on RB now that things are up and growin…

A double feature today!!!!!!

I can’t believe it! I had a double feature today in Tuesday Afternoon! My painting of Paddy the golden labrador and my ‘Yellow Facade – Blue Shutters’ were both featured! Yipee!!!!!

Sorry for not replying to anyone!

The reason being that I haven’t been on Redbubble for ages!

The last week or so has been so warm and sunny here in our part of France, that I had to get out in the garden and plant the veggies. There is still a lot to do, and I ache from digging, but I can see baby cabbages, beans, brussels sprouts, lettuces. And indoors I have hundreds of pots with seedlings of courgettes, peppers and sweetcorn – all waiting for the weather to really warm up, so they can go out in the garden.

It’s pouring with rain today, so I’ll try to catch up. It’s going to take days though!

Hello, I'm back!

So sorry, if I’ve missed everyone’s entries, but I haven’t been on Redbubble since before Christmas. I hope you all had a very good time and a Happy New Year to everyone!

It was very quiet in our little French village for the New Year. Everyone was in bed! Even I fell asleep on the dog’s bed, so I missed both the UK New Year and the French one!

We’ve been eating lots of good food, but now I’m sick of cooking! And I had a New Year’s resolution – to scrub the house until it sparkles. I’m not very domesticated, so this is taking some time! Normally, I get up early and start to paint immediately. All that is going to change! I can’t seem to paint happily if the place is a mess, so every day I will do some housework and THEN s…

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