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All shots are taken in captivity from behind bars or glass unless otherwise stated

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Sign The Petition To Stop The Shootings!

Sign The Petition To Stop The Shootings / 70% Of All UK Badgers Are Being Culled
Posted over 3 years – 9 comments

British Wildlife Group Launch

This month marks the launch of The British Wildlife Group / The group currently focuses on the beautiful mammals that reside in GB. / If manageable, I will introduce Birds and other wildlife to the group at a later date / I hope you will take part in the groups development / Franco
Posted over 4 years – 3 comments

For Those Of You Interested In My Work 2

I was hoping to write this 2nd journal before now for anyone who is still interested in what`s been happening to me since my last journal in June 2009 (Which had 200 views!) / I cant believe all this time has passed by so quickly and also unfortunatley again, I have had to spend more time away from RB than I would like to, but during that time my achievements at RB have still been ongoing with re…
Posted about 5 years – 6 comments

For Those Of You Interested In My Work

I would first of all like to say Thank You for your continued support! / This is my first journal since around a month ago as due to personal circumstances I have had to be away from RB more often than I would like to be, but during that time my achievements here have been ongoing with daily features,encouraging comments and continued views, all of which I am very grateful / As I haven`t got the …
Posted almost 6 years – 14 comments