photography and art are my creative and spiritual outlets.
I sing, i write lyrics and plays…and now i play with my camera.
I run workshops for people to come and express their creativity with the camera, and appreciate their unique ability.
Im constantly learning and growing with my ideas, and always inspired by the work of other artists and photographers.

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For years..they said..let go. Let go means loosening the grip and moving on. / Easy! Emotionally, when you historically hang on, for survival, to breathe, ….letting go is like removing concrete off your arm with a drill. / But when you get down to the residue, when you work out your true self value and nourish it with everything youve got….its only a matter of blowing that last breath…
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Yeah..jus take a breath from whatever…and be in the moment..its ok ay. / Go with the flow….things are just falling into place… / So much inspiration on this site. Something for everyone and everything….
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Better when im grateful...

and I do have so much to be thankful for…but lately its like the constant question in my head….Is there more?…Is this it for my life….Is this all there is from here on….. / I mean its not bad or anything…its like a numbness. / Maybe I could go bungy jump or sumthin. / Dunno. / Im working alot these days. Nite shifts. Draining energetically. / Maybe when that sl…
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Its raining. So what!

Words are a form of art eh! All week Ive been anticipating what people will say about the fact that its raining. Someone always says how awful it is, cold, wet, bla bla bla. / I always say how much I love it. cos I do. And just by my verbal expression I find myself walking slowly in it, wallowing in the abundance of moisture, loving the fact that the plants and trees are getting a good watering a…
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