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I am a self taught artist and enjoy modern contempoary abstract painting.
By using a lot of textural techniques in my work i have found experimenting and exploring how paint mixes and can be manipulated when other mediums are introduced very inspiring and opens up new avenues of thought.
I have been a full time artist running my own buiseness for six years now and have also tried my hand at running my own gallery for a while ,but due to the economy at present i had to close down.
I am a single parent of two and have been for 20 years also i have M.E for same amount of time ,so painting has been my life line and my true way to express who i am.
my other gift that i find helps me find insperation is my mediumship/psychic side as i tap in to a higher place, also the medative quality of painting can help focus the mind and allow it to travel to amazing places.

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