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Many of us as children, enjoyed our kindergarten classes, especially the drawing, painting with our hands, making little families, sunshine and clouds, trees, smiley faces; and things that made sense only to us; drawing the attention of the eye, and warming the hearts of those who see the colors that so vibrantly shine and make you live in the realm of creativity and imagination.

As you can see, as a child I enjoyed creating something with colors using my hands. Some of us, have these abilities inborne, others through education in the arts chosen. So, throughout my life, I drew and painted, without any education int art, never taking it seriously. But circumstances and divine providence, carries you to different parts of the world.

This is how I came into a small town, very well known by many different world artists; for its color, and inspiration, into many forms of art, the town, or city; San Miguel de Allende, located in the center of the country of Mexico. A town which has been recognized and known through history; and visited by many in search of art and expression of self, from many parts of the world.

My first visit left me in awe; imagining I was in wonderland, a world of art and color. I would walk around the streets and was fascinated by the galleries of artists from many different parts of the world. I was fascinated by one artist in particular, by the name of William Martin. Although I didn’t know him back then, I was inspired by the ability of his expressed view of light and shadow in all of his paintings.

In the process of time, I accidentally bumped into him in a well-known small cafe, called simply Cafe; then owned by a friend named Adam. I frequent that cafe religiously every morning, enjoying the smell of the coffee, the chatter of the many different visitors to San Miguel, from many different background, and culture from all over the globe.

One day, accidentally I sat next to this artist, and he introduced himself as William Martin. Then, the excitement: Meeting the person behind the art that inspired me, in the art of oils and still life, portrait and abstract.

He was (and still is) a simple man, cheerful, with a positive attitude; and looked at life with a smile at all times. From then on, we became friends. And as friends share their likes and dislikes, their accomplishments and what they would like to do in life, ours, centered around art and thus he began to teach and pass his talents unto me.

I also met this wonderful person from Singapore; which too, inspired me in her form of art, known as Batik. The simplicity of her art; and the colors she used, always expressing the character of the human heart, thus Fragh Artizart was born: So that we can share and inspire others, with the colors of life; and releasing of our souls unto those that seek the same interests we know, as, the expression of being, in the expression we know as art.

I am the man and she the woman that make up Fragh Artizart.

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