I read on Redbubble once that it would be amazing if you succeeded at everything you try. So I have adopted this, chucked in my day job and have begun my new life as a photographer – something I have always wanted to do.
Over the past 8 months my life has been one huge adventure from tracking down gypsy groups high in the Himalayas to mixing with the poorest of poor in the back streets and alley ways of India. I have seen bear poor prints on mountain passes and sat on the edge of a high rise building in the middle of Hong Kong. Shared tea with a rifle totting shepherd on a mountain pass. The one thing that gets to me more than anything else are the people I have met along the way. All have inspired me and are a part of every image I take.
A big thank you to my family & friends for believing in me. I hope not to let you down as in some way this is part of your dreams as well.

Gear I use;
Canon stuff mainly.

…and photoshop to fix up my mistakes :)

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Thank you all for...

My first blog entry ever. Not all that comfortable with this, but here goes. First and foremost I wish to thank everyone who has commented on my images. I am just blown away by the response by everyone. Like most of us we are driven to produce and regardless of anyone else we have to fill a need to keep searching to arrive at the perfect (at least what we believe) image. In my case I would love t…
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