Trying to still the surface and achieve some inner calm / Trying to still the surface and bring an ending to the harm

My Friend

As I would sit and drink and puff on the weed / I was regularly visited by my friend


And on the footpath that struck out from below me / Was where that glass half empty did spill

What does it take…?

What does it take to bring a lynching to the street? / What does it take to turn a soldier into meat?

The Poem That Cannot Be named

The definite comes from the infinite / And uniqueness is the same as the same / In our billions of selves there is oneness / As we return t…

Long Black Life

Whisked away to a colonial land on a hot and sticky day / The breeze whipping through the cane fields / The cracking of the sugar cane, har…

Chapter 27

Suspect Zero was an Easy Rider. In Saving Private Ryan on Training Day he had / Killed Edmond In Cold Blood.

Just For Tonight

Just for tonight I’ve had enough / Just for tonight let’s draw it in / Just for tonight things have got a bit tough / Just for tonight, I g…



Flying is simply falling but in the absence of al…

Flying is simply falling but in the absence of all fear

Land of The Free aka Clown Shoes

The sentiment (or lack of) of Tony ‘The Bot’ Abbott / (Bot is another name for an arse I’ll have you know) / And Scott ‘No Mates’Morrison (…


Awake / After a sleep of 41 years / A sleep immeasurable in time / A sleep convinced that dreams were real / Awake

Just Like Jesus

You see my current state of awareness / And see this new found state of mind / Has lead me to a totally new understanding / That I’ve likel…

Last Day of Your Life

Will you waste away the hours wondering if your new dress makes your bum look big? / Will you have just one more burger and your last favou…


I’ve got slippery fingers / I’ve got slippery shoes / I’ve got slippery shoulders / And I haven’t got a clue / I’ve got a slippery bedroom …

Squeaky Wheel

Avoid your constant remonstrations / And before us simply kneel


Black and then white / Right and then wrong / Bitter and sweetness / In silence and in song

Shit Up Hill


Atrocity At Christmas

What they hope for every Christmas / Their one wish at Yule tide / Is that when they disregard the wrappings / That there’s just one thing …

Corporate Cock


Spoke In The Wheel

Set aside your head full of questions / Because the answers are in our lie / Get your head down and just keep working / Until the day your …

Sad And Fucked

Each time that he got bollixed, to drown out his fears / Instead he set himself up empty (for years and years and years)

Dante Alighieri and I

“About halfway through the course of my pathetic life, / I woke up and found myself in a stupor in some dark place. / I’m not sure how I en…

Shit Up Hill

What it is to be a mere cog in the wheel / Dragged around on a lead like a dog at the heel / And oh what a feeling, staring at the ravine /…

Promised Land

Free / From inner struggling / And the search for eternal bliss / Free / From the endless heartache / Of never again feeling her kiss


So with my tail between my legs / Knowing pride comes before a fall / And as time will clearly tell / True love it conquers all


Feeling is beauty / Needing is beauty / Beauty is beauty

Sweetest Love

As the wicked, black raven crows out again / I bend myself foetal to fend off the pain / As its eerie chant rings across the air / My agony…

Red Indeed

I see it coming at break neck speed / And when it comes it brings deadly deeds

The Door Is Always Open

If you are one who has known resentment / If you are one who has harbored pain / If you are one who is known for their temper / I welcome y…
Rain Drop by Fozman Freedom And The Western Dream by Fozman

Savour The Love

Her tight blue dress clung to it and her buttocks formed a velveteen, heart shaped, jewel box shape in my mind.

New Found Love

With more depth than all our Mothers oceans / And more power than our Fathers seas / With more beauty than their heavenly joining / Is my n…

Sleep Tight Sister

Sleep tight sister / Enjoy your special dreams / Sleep tight sister / And be here with me

Meet My Community

“…I know that in his earlier days he spent some time dabbling in the drugs a little…”

Cyclone Nadia

Her eyes deeper than the distant thunder / They glisten like the blood red night / Her steam condensing on my clammy fingers / As my darkne…

This Westerner’s Construction Of Nirvana

We are singing out loud from the treetops / We are blowing ourselves through the trees / We are shedding our leaves for the winter / We are…

A New Beginning?

For years I had this obsession to get on a plane to Australia. To get away from the grey, smoky England and experience the sun, the sea, th…

What is the answer?

So what if I was given the answer? What would that really mean for me? Would I stop and be content and accept it, would I then feel blissfu…

Open Up Your Eyes

So I’m a tyrant, a philanderer, not worthy of your kiss / Thanks for your observations but ignorance is bliss

As I Sat In This Dirty Old Chair

I felt sweat roll down my forehead / And panic rise up through my gut / As I passed a debauch of drunkards / And a dollars worth of sluts

A Tale Of Two Bridges

Did you here about the guy who ‘stole’ his children? He grabbed them both and off he fled, / But what you clearly didn’t hear, was of his n…


I’m facile, so it’s futile to try to inhibit me / I’m facile, sot it’s futile and I’m deliriously free / Free, a floating, gliding kite on …

I Am The One

Who am I if I am not God?

A Metaphor For Life

The pain in my arse, my wife accusing / The buzzing in my head, the constant fear / The discomfort in my crotch another needing / The distr…

I Am

I am the beginning / I am the end / I am the one to make your perceptions bend
MOFO by Fozman The Dice by Fozman Come To The Light by Fozman Kaleidoscopic Soul by Fozman Red Dragon by Fozman The Worm Has Turned by Fozman C U Next Tuesday by Fozman Who Knows What It Is Like? by Fozman Capias Ad Satisfaciendum by Fozman Analysis Paralysis by Fozman

That’s Rich

Or is it that we’re defined by what it is that we spend? / Do we have all the credentials for the big banks to lend? / Or should we be judg…

It’s easy for you

Your world’s full of questions but you want the answer / Life’s a big dance but you know you’re not a dancer

What a job they’re doing!

Mass extinction / A long time dead / Townies out drinking / Paint the town red

A Lesson


Dear Father

It was me / That had you pulling your hair out / It was me / That had you on the run / It was you who always stood by me / It was you who …

Another Night

But the skirtings / Are a wobbling / The curtains they fractalate / But the skirtings / Are a waving / The door frames deviate

The Game

This is the game you see / To remove your head from the sand / This is your ultimate challenge see / To do it without a beer in your hand
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