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Hello everyone,

I always loved pictures but never thought about being a photographer until 1998 when I was looking for a change in careers.

Now I have my own business and I take all kinds of photographs for fun and profit.

I will be uploading a variety of images so please check back often as I will be around to visit yours :)

Also, the T-shirts you see here are designed by 3XEternity who is my son and he also has a profile here.
You will find these T-shirts and more at

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Check out Blogus for a new place to post information about your self as an artist. Registration is free! It isn’t just a art site but it’s also a message board to talk about different topics, make webpolls and blogs. Check it out! Tomorrow the link will also be accessable thru this is our way of getting alot of users to the site so maybe it will go global :D
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