Embedded in Ink Introduction

It was a quiet morning across the city of Eleria as our character walked through the silence of the cobblestone. People withdrew as they saw the very figure of fear crossing their town. His metal boots smashed down against the stone, freezing the raindrops around his heel to solid ice only to be cracked by his following foot. Fur wisped in the wind around his steel covering, coating itself with water as the tears of a thousand fallen angels continued to drip down from the heavens, forcing the villagers inside their homes to wait for hope to arise. Rain turned to ice crashing down around our ill-fated hero; once a man of peace, prosperity and glory. Now only a corpse unbound from its soul. Life seeped out from his victims as he claimed their souls for his army, full of the mindless, the forgotten, and the damned. Many thought he could not be killed, or had been banished for years upon his last ballad of blades, a sight which was never forgotten. His past only to crush his future. Many wondered what this man sought after. Was it perhaps love? Or just simple greed?
He continued to march through the villagers, seeking his tool of destruction, trying to save his own weakness from others. This weakness was not a simple weapon or tool, but a key to his long lost soul. A soul which cared, felt for others, brought peace and serenity, and most importantly loved. The key was not part of his mortal body, but part of his family bloodline. The amulet which crossed into a history of assassins, but was hidden away upon his father becoming king. It trailed into the past, as well as the future, passing along the power and will of the gods. This man is a walking corpse, filled entirely by his long lost hatred, the dark side of his soul. Weak and helpless, until his heart was banished. Taken over by damnation and the devil himself, Areon Riddermortus’s corpse walked the streets, searching for his heart within the Amulet of Urieous. But this is only where our story begins, for a young thief had already stolen this amulet. Bound to Areon through brotherhood, Valormous Riddermortus was a name to be passed through history, to be Embedded in Ink…..

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This is the introduction for my full-fleged novel. Embedded in Ink. It is a massive work in progress covering the stories of over 50 characters. Im aiming for a 200-400 page novel, and hoping to finish it over the next year or two. Please tell me what you think. Note: I am only a 15 year old writing, hoping to become an author of course. So I would really value your opinions. Thanks.


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  • Noah Hibbard
    Noah Hibbardabout 5 years ago

    dude, this is awesome! The use of imagery is great.
    Other than a few grammatical errors, this is really good.
    Also, in the line,“Our character is a walking corpse,”, I would change “Our character”, or remove it completely. If you tell the audience that the person is a character, the story loses a bit of realism. You want the audience to be lost in your book, not to be reminded that they are reading one.

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