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Running (2063)

I knew this day would come. Why wouldn’t it? I had always been in the back of their minds. Breaking their rules until I forced them to act. I write this as a memoir. It is April 2nd, 2058. I am running, currently through the streets of New Tokyo. I have been running for a long time. It never ceases. Any time I settle somewhere, try to start again, they find me and chase me from my home. My family was taken long ago. I have neither seen nor heard from them for years. I remember the day. November 12th, 2049. I was seventeen. I had just hacked into their servers and planted my little gag virus that would change all their pictures to random animals. We had gone out to lunch to Burger King, the nicest place in town. They sent their militia after us, in broad daylight. My mother pushed me aside, into a back alley and told me to run, so I did. I haven’t stopped since.
I’m using voice translation to write this, so to whoever reads this, I apologize sincerely if I am at some point misinterpreted. Technology. You know how it is. Fickle stuff. No matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you wish, it never works right. With all the advancements we’ve had in the last decade you’d think people would be a little more self aware. We all have those chips. We all have access. But at the same time we all lack. Why leave your house for anything other than food? I’m amazed that anyone even remembers the written word. Technology. So much good. So much evil. It destroyed our world and the citizens are too blind to see it. Maybe if they shut off their internet for about five seconds they’d see what it’s doing to them. It’s mind control. Everyone is a zombie. The only reason it takes them so long to find me is because I had my router removed as soon as I could. Without the internet. I’m free. At least until they find me holed up in this drainage pipe.
I got no sleep. I never do. Too many years on the run will do that to you. I haven’t had decent sleep for two years. I was in Moscow, the last of the great cities. They couldn’t reach me there. The place was a fortress. Defended so well that their planes would fall before they came within one hundred miles of the place. But they got in. Somehow they got in. My contacts inside the Moscow resistance said we had to get out, and we did. The bombs followed. Moscow was leveled in a matter of minutes. Anyone in the city was wiped out. Moscow fell and the world with it. They had won. One second. I hear footsteps.
The one disadvantage of not having internet is that I don’t get information. I’m in the dark. Apparently they’ve put out a warrant for my arrest. Those footsteps I mentioned? That happened three days ago. I haven’t been able to stop moving. All of New Tokyo was out on the hunt for me. I had to incapacitate the young man who found me before he could send my whereabouts to all his friends. I wonder if he’s alright? Anyway. To continue my earlier ramblings, Moscow fell and I had to stick to the forests. For however long they stood. The forests were destroyed shortly after Moscow fell. More bombs. As far as I know, the whole world is devoid of forests. No need for paper. Everything is electronic. The lack of forests is disturbing. I doubt the planet will last long without them. It also leaves me with very few places to hide. The whole planet is becoming an urban jungle. I ran all the way to what was once Shanghai and never saw a single tree. Not even a blade of grass. Just concrete and steel. I think I might be safe here for a while. I need rest. I’ll start up again in the morning.
The world works in funny ways now a days. With no mobs, no drugs, not even alcohol to take the edge off, the world is clean. At least that’s what they’d have you believe. This place is just as corrupt as ever. The new government will hardly let you think, let alone do something illegal. Free speech? Who needs it? You can’t say anything of value anyway. I can’t stay here much longer. I hacked the cameras here and I see some soldiers snooping around. Time to make my exit.
The good news is that I got away. Bad news; I’ve been shot. I’ve managed to stop the bleeding for now, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep myself alive. I can’t go to any hospital. I can’t turn to any random person for help. I’m alone. I’m guessing by the time anyone reads this my words won’t matter. Once I finish this record, I will program it to send to every person, immediately. I’ve hacked them before, I can do it again. They rely so much on their technology they don’t see the flaw in it. Hackers have long since been eradicated. I believe I’m the last. The point I’m getting at is that without hackers, they don’t update their protection software. Hacking them is easy. A toddler could do it. Of course they won’t allow anyone to learn. I learned from my father before he was sent to fight. Maybe I should explain the way the world was when I was growing up. I think I’ll st
My apologies for the sudden cut off. I blacked out. I lost enough of my blood that I started getting light headed and a bit dizzy, then I just went down. But as I was saying. World history. They’ll have altered it somewhat, if not completely. The best I can do is give you my experience. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City they used to call it. Now it’s just sand and ruins. Back when I was a kid things were good. The world had been working the same way for nearly fifty years. America was prosperous, England was prosperous, China was rapidly growing, and Japan was throwing around technology like candy. It all went south when Japanese cyber terrorists launched a huge cyber attack on the world. They shut everything down. Launched missiles at major capitals. DC. Paris. London. Berlin. Tokyo. Beijing. All of them were down within minutes. Millions maybe even billions dead. It was the worst thing the world had ever seen. Nations scrambled to recover and Japan came under heavy fire by the UN. Extremists tried to attack Japan, but Japan had kept some of their technologies secret from the world. They had some kind of net-defense, it wouldn’t allow anything not of Japanese origin near the country. Nobody quite figured out how it worked, but it disintegrated everything. Japan was untouchable. But with so many nations reeling, the UN was forced to take the reigns. It was the UN against Japan. Japan took China, a prize they had sought throughout their history. Renamed Beijing, New Tokyo, and started to rebuild. Pretty soon Japan had taken all of the Eurasian continent. And as far as I know, North America is a wasteland and South America has become part of the Japanese empire. There is no culture anymore. Everyone is a part of the empire. They have made sure of it. Disobedience results in. Oh no not again.
They’re hot on my trail now. I doubt I can evade them much longer. A bullet wound and constant exhaustion are dragging me down. I can no longer move as far as I could before. I need more time to rest. I think my next entry will be my last for quite some time. I’ll tell you my story. Then maybe I can make a few converts.
My wound is infected. I think I’m dying. Not long for this world it seems. At least I had a good run. As good as I can manage with the way the world is. While I can, let me recount my story. Born in Las Vegas. I lived there till I was seventeen. That day when they took my family, I ran to LA. Stole a car and drove till I couldn’t anymore. When I arrived I started asking around for mod dealers. People who made their living altering people’s chips. I found one and had him remove my modem. It was costly, but I used whatever my mother had saved. I had figured she wouldn’t be needing it anymore. It was then that I wandered from city to city. All across the United States. I should clarify. At this point in my life I was in trouble with the US government. They also had a serious problem with hackers, so they tracked us down to eradicate us. The war also had yet to really reach the US. It was then sweeping across Asia and making its way to Europe. I knew that I had to get out of the States. I couldn’t stay, but I also really had nowhere to go. War consumed everything else. The first chance I got I stowed away on a boat sailing for Africa. A year later, the US fell. That didn’t stop the Americans though. Fighting for freedom, just like the very first years. Japan showed no mercy. The nukes fell. America was destroyed. And another huge chunk of the world population taken out. Africa just submitted. They had been fighting for years before, the UN couldn’t stop them. Pretty soon the whole world was under Japanese rule. Nothing I could do but hope that some sort of resistance was forming. I moved north, up to the middle east. The Bin Laden guy hid in those caves for over twenty years. Why couldn’t I? So I hid. I must have lost my touch however. The proximity sensors I stole from a militia man are going off. Time to move.
I’m barely able to form a coher, smart sounding sentence right now. My brain is baking. This is my last journal. If I had any family I’d make a will. I’m alone. I’m going to die alone. In a storage facility. With guns. I don’t really have regrets. Maybe I should have stayed and fought. Protected my family. I’ve long since abandoned religion. A God who allows this kind of world doesn’t deserve my praise. I’m going to die. Oh. It’s just occurred to me that I’m actually going to die. I’d rather not. I don’t want to die. I can change this world. One great hack. One last hack. My father would be proud. I never knew what happened to him. I like to imagine he died in glorious combat. Rifle in hand. Taking the Japanese with him. My father. Brave man. Drafted to combat. I want to leave this record for the world. Upload it straight to their servers. They can’t remove it. The encryption is too difficult for them. The last hacker is unhackable. Then maybe, once the world reads it, things will change. People will realize. Realize what? I don’t know. Something. Hopefully. I think I hear them coming for me. Will they capture me? Torture me? Or just kill me? Then again. Does that matter? I’m going to die anyway. Maybe I’ll just send it. Now. Or do I wait. Record them. Then give some proof as to what these people are like? I think that’s what I’ll do. Send it once I have some proof. I hear the footsteps closer now. I’ll hush up.
Over here! He’s getting away! Quick! Trank him! Hurry up! He’s behind that crate! Move! Circle around! Where’d he go? He’s on top of the crates! Get up there! We can’t let him get away again! Where did he go! He couldn’t have gotten out. We have the whole perimeter secured. He’s still here!
They’re right. I’m right under their noses. I’m hiding in one of the weapons crates. This is it. My last moments. The way I figure it the more I can take with me the less men they have to hunt other people with. In a few minutes I’m taking one of these various guns around me and go out in a blaze of bullets and glory. I shall remain nameless to you. Whoever you are. Whoever reads this. Know me as the nameless hacker. The one who tried. I don’t want to be a symbol or a martyr. But someone has to wake people up. I hope with this I have. As soon as this entry cuts out I will upload this, via the remote server in the back of my tablet. Then I will walk out and find the blackness of death. Life is better that way. Dead. Good luck. Goodbye.

Running (2063)


Las Vegas, United States

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Written for a Creative Arts class. Might be a tad confusing.

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