My name is Vivi Kalomiri.
I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, in 1977.
As long as I remember my childhood I painted and created fantastic worlds of my imagination.
As a teenager I I bought my first camera and started shooting – this was a new way to express myself and get in touch with my deepest thoughts and dreams.
After finishing school I took courses in Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and then returned to Athens and studied photography in Leica Academy.
I have worked as a senior account manager in a major photographic agency in Athens, our clients are advertising companies, publications,designers etc. I sale photos and control photographic rights for many kinds of usages.I have found great joy there, with hundreds of images passing through my eyes every day.
Today I ’m working as a professional wedding photographer, owning also my own studio of fine art photography.

As years go by, I experiment different kinds of photographic expressions.
My best thing is to combine street photography and landscapes or urban scenes, so I find great pleasure in shooting people during fests and ceremonies, in their own villages or cities.
I also love music, dancing, walking for hours in the city, traveling around the world (a little bit afraid of airplanes though).I love traveling all around beautiful Greece by train during winter – and by ship to all our dreamy islands during summer.
Recently I became member of the random art movement , which I think expresses my personal artwork.

Am I a randomist? Life will show…

IVOIRE by Vivi


Fire in Athens
Athens Railway Station
Portrait of the House
Home Alone

  • Age: 38
  • Joined: November 2008


New featured work for April.

“Bride” was featured in the “First Things” group. / “Lake IV” was featured in the “Shots in the Fog” group. / fotonio
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New featured work for March.

“Fire#1” and “Fire#4” were featured in the group “All About Fire” – WOW! / “Erotic Strangle” was featured in the group “The Art of Intrigue” – YES! / “Untitled” was featured in the group “The X” – COOL! / Thank you all for your attention, support and comments!!! / We all do great work here! / Greetings from beautiful Greece / fotonio
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New featured work!

“He was crying” and “DREAMIN III” were featured in the group “The Art of Intrigue” / “The Dock I”, “SeaWater I” and “Porto-Katsiki Beach” were featured in the group “The Beauty of the European Waters”.
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My First Featured Works!

I ’m so happy for my featured works!!! / I feel honored and ready to create more & more! / “DREAMIN I” was featured in the groups “All About Water” and “Experimental Photography and Editing” / “The funpark of Alexandroupolis” was featured in the group “Experimental Photography and editing” / “SUMMER DREAMIN” was featured in the group “Experimen…
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