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Rhys Allen

Rhys Allen

Clifton Hill, Australia

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From film to digital, and back again. Currently in a mad love affair with 1950s folding cameras.

  • Age: 40
  • Joined: February 2007


back in the bubble

Been away from bubbling, but a couple of unexpected “Sales!” notices in my inbox last week has drawn me back into the shiny cocoon of this awesome communal art endeavour. / And haven’t things changed since I’ve been away? / Mounted prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, t-shirts – more competitions, interface upgrades… all in all, the view from inside the bubbl…
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I’m wondering about the sizes of prints offered – I have an 8Mp camera which produces a pic with pixel dimensions of 3504×2336. / at 200 DPI this gives us a print of 17.52 × 11.68″ / so clearly if someone purchases a print larger than this – say 16×24 , we’re stuck with the issue that either it needs to be printed at a lower DPI (Almost there at 150DPI…
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Some thoughts

**It would be great to be able to see who has you on their watch list – this would make it easier to find people who have found you. / * Also, wondering what DPI our works are printed at? / * Would be nice to see some stats on sales being generated through redbubble / Rhys
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Lookin' Good

Hey, the site looks really nice - / I hope the idea goes well – it deserves too. / Cheers, / Rhys
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