I am an art and photography admirer. I am glad to share and provide you with the images I capture with wide range of different types of cameras, such as; pinhole, standard 35mm, digital, mid and large format. It gives me a great pleasure to experience the stages of development of photography from the beggining to the present. I am impressed and proud of my two countrymen photographers, the great Marubi-Kodheli, who opened the first photography studio in Balkans, in Albania in 1858, and the great Gjon Mili, who had lived and worked in the US, who would capture multiple images on a single film frame, and his most famous series of Picasso “drawing with the light” photographs…

“Time could truly be made to stand still. Texture could be retained despite sudden violent movement.” Gjon Mili

You can also visit me at: www.gezimgeci.imagekind.com

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