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Species: Homo sapiens

Operating system: DNA

Birth place: Praia, Santiago Island (Cape Verde), planet Earth, from 537th solar system, on the Milky Way galaxy, 27th inhabited universe, 3rd dimension

Likes: water, food, shelter, the smell of clothes washed with soap, science, and a lot of other awesome stuff

Superpower: forward time travel (at normal pace) and social awkwardness

Weakness: anaerobic environments

Professional: aspiring mad scientist (Biochemistry)

Designer: Level – Pretender (but I’m amost at amateur level)

Aspirations: be recognized by the Council of Evil Scientists and provide family with groceries

Quote: Wait, I’m thinking about something…


  • Joined: July 2011


Send me pictures, with shirt on

Oilá, dear costumers, / First of all, thank you for buying shirts and stuff with my design on them, you’re making somone happy (me, for sure). / As proof that this is not one of those weird long running dreams about life, please send me pictures of the stuff with my design that you’ve bought, to be displayed on my fb page and my site (eventually). If you don’t want to send, I u…
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