New Colony - new commandments

A New Colony

Yes, sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just site but now I am sitting and thinking. I am

thinking about the world and how much it has changed since the time of creation. are we really

all descendants of the apes? Does anyone really care?

We are here and we are now and we can spend our whole life researching where we came from and at the end we still won’t know and while we are spending all our life doing this. The war in Iraq still continues and suicide bombers continue blowing themselves up and taking with them the innocent. Terrorists blow up the Trade Cente and murder innocent people and in Beslan hundreds of innocent children died and I want to throw up when I see the amount of effort and expenditure that a government spends by sending a rocket into outer space so that we can find out our origins. Then the rocket crashes on landing and the experts gather together and agree that it will only cost another few million to fly again. Is it going to make any different if we knew our origins? I know my origins.

I go crazy thinking of the amount of money spent on the gathering of this useless information when there are children dying of hunger. I really don’t understand this. I have written to God about all this and as I don’t get any response from Him I
am sending him a final letter reply paid acknowledging that He may be too busy to write because He has got such a big job to do but I am putting Him on notice that the day I finally knock on his door, then I want some answers. God will probably say it is Nick that is doing this but Nick seems to get the blame for everything that happens. I suppose it was Nick’s fault for inventing drugs and Nicks fault for me getting beaten up in Perth fifteen years ago and his fault that I was comatose for three weeks. I suppose it was Nick’s fault for letting Bin Lardin and Sadam Who Sucks be born but that can’t be right because God creates people and He is the greatest;

Well that’s what those people carrying bibles tell me when they visit to leave me the latest copy of the Watchtower. I might read one of them one day but I am really not much of a reader. how much money to they spend on those booklets and how much do they send to the starving children. No don’t tell me it is Nick’s fault again and he supplies the paper after cutting down all the trees..

Perhaps some of it is really Nick’s fault because he wants their souls to keep the fire burning but I really don’t think that he would even let innocent children die to get their little souls. for a start they would be only little twigs in a big fire and secondly he would not get them because they would be too little to have sinned and if they hadn’t been baptized then he doesn’t get them anyway; they have a ticket booked to purgatory.

I understand that some academics have their reasons for wanting to know things but I will never be convinced that it will change much. the craziest of all that I ever heard that a group of researchers under some religious banner came up with positive proof that when a person is born that he is born with the someone’s spirit – his soul and that could be true but they went on right back to creation and counted up all the people that have died which have been quite a few I might add and with all the
population of the world nowadays and kids born every day that there just isn’t enough souls to go around so they will have to share a soul. Can you believe it that kids these days only have half a soul and it won’t be too long before we get down to thirds

and quarters and eights until finally, none. I think in their case, it wasn’t the souls that didn’t go around but their brain. We really shouldn’t laugh at these people because they must be so bored and sad and they too have a soul. They really are sad souls

New Colony – New Commandments

The new century is here; it is time to reflect and review.

Where have we been. What have we seen.

What have we learnt – me and you.

I have pondered and wondered this question day and night.

and finally conclude that something just ain’t quite right.

Right now I am sitting and thinking and realizing,

that my thinking is bordering on fantasizing.

Throughout the centuries since time began,

would it be so different if we had another chance

and started all over again.

Perhaps if we could create a new world with different rules

that taught real values in all the schools

revealing a new caring world that would unfurl,

that put a little balance and beauty back in the world.

Yes! a second chance for the human race,

starting somewhere in a brand new place; perhaps outer space.

Could it really happen? Not a moment to soon,

a brand new world somewhere, perhaps on the planet moon.

A moon that goes down every morning but never leaves the sky.

This new colony with ideas of what it takes,

having learnt from all man’s previous mistakes.

Wise men who design a blueprint carefully and slow,

where everyone wouldn’t automatically be entitled to go.

Those who had committed the sin of crime with a shameful face,

have no right of entry to a beautiful place.

That is the price that shameless sinners have to pay,

then Nostradamus would certainly have his way.

A new sun greets a new start to brand new rules,

where you learn and recite these rules in all the schools.

The prime objective is to teach children how life’s card to deal,

self respect, respect of others and their property,

how to love, to share, to give, to think and how to feel.

The old fashioned values would all be brought back,

and no one in this new colony is permitted to stray off the track.

It must be taught now only how to give but also how to receive,

how to lead, how to obey and what to believe.

Of course, parents would have to now spare the rod.

Everyone learns how to use time and still leave room for God.

This is such an important and valuable lesson,

in a land that has time for church but no need for confession.

It is not a material world. There is no need for dollars and cents.

We would keep the old ones but add some new commandments.

Although in the old ones, the new ones are already contained,

They are already there, they have never been properly explained.

New Commandments

1.Thou shall not invent or use any technological device,

computer, except in the pursuit and procurement of peace.

2. There shall be no crime, drugs, alcohol, gambling

therefore no need for the police

3. There will be no sickness, cancer, dementure or insanity.

4. No processed food, no McDonalds,

vanity, profanity or obscenity.

5. There will be no violence, murder, suicide and

morals are not permitted to decay.

6. Those with any item not in use every day must donate it

to a communal pool or give it away.

It doesn’t have to be riches or diamonds or expensive stuff,

a wave, a smile, a simple “hello” is enough.

Each day you must stop and smell the roses and rest a while,

and you must wear a face that always has a smile.

Anyone with something not in use every day

7. You are the high priest in your own temple

and each day you must pray.

8. Every man, woman and child must contribute their bit

in maintaining the family unit.

9. There is no material possessions, clubs, churches, politicians

10. The ruling body is both men and women

11. holding equal positions.

This would be an easy requirement I would say

as everyone is equal anyway.

11. There will be no dogs, cats, aanimals or birds in cages,

the money spent on pets would pay man’s wages.

12. Forbidden totally is hatred and greed.

13.It is law that each day you must plant at least one seed.

Your heart will tell you what to sow and you will

share with your neighbor whatever you grow.

14. There is a very strict policy regarding emotional health

and you must practice to hate “hate” itself.

15. The ruling body governs the policy of equal wealth.

we know they tried this with Communism and

they failed because of greed – more or less,

“everyone is equal but some are more equal than the rest.”

16. Every single parent has the right to demand respect,

and regardless of position, status and fame

they must return this respect to their children – the very same.

17. Every day each man must practice an act of physical labor.

18. It is a law that you must love your neighbor.

Eventually this law will one day disappear.

because caring is the prime commandment around here,

for when you have love as a companion behind every door,

there is no need for any lock on your door.

19. No one is to know the meaning of the word “war”

There is no way you can fight for peace and that’s for sure.

20. You must respect and never harm another living thing.

and everybody, like the nightingale must laugh and sing.

21. Every single person must look at another as a friend.

learn how to laugh with a friend – know how to cry

for a friend is like an angel who lifts your wings when you

cannot remember to fly.

These new commandments written with love as their seal

may seem a little utopian or unreal.

As utopian and unrealistic they may seem.

please lord! please allow me to dream!

Why God? Why?

Last night I picked up my pen and I wrote to God again.

It was only a short letter with one word. the word why?

I asked him many things, inter alia, “why do I have to die?”

No, I am not scared to die because when you know how to live

then you know how to die.

I don’t know why I wrote because I never get a reply.

Well if that’s the way he operates,

one day I will hand deliver my letter to the Pearly Gates.

I know that I am free of sin and of course He will let me in.

The place he finally gives me is entirely up to him.

I just hope it is filled with good looking babes

who are really nice and ready to entice

where I can lay all day and they feed me grapes,

and then lay beside me and draw the drapes.

Really that is enough of the mind wandering

for I have important issues that need serious pondering.

This all started when I was sitting with a bible in my hand

I was wondering what was God’s plan for man,

praying that he would tell me about life and where should I go

to search for the things I still didn’t know

and what seeds to sow.

some that believe that all the answers are in that Sacred book.

I open it at chapter one and take a look

and although I do know the steps to all the dances

“I’ll be buggered, i still can’t find any of the answers.”

in my other hand I had a history book

So I thought I would also give that one a look.

Yes, I thought I would give history a try

but I had no idea it would make me cry

I was absolutely astounded with what I had found

How white man was sailing around and killing the black

and then go home and the king would welcome them back

They had claimed more land which made the kingdom bigger

And how they had killed almost every nigger.

It bothers me God was they had not a crumb of remorse

Why am I telling you? You know all of this of course.

Listen God, I am bloody angry to say the least

White man is not a man, he is a beast

and if I was there right now I would look you your face

and ask “Why in God’s name did you let all this take place?”

I wouldn’t spit because I have too much respect

But I would like some bloody answers by heck,

I am sorry God that I swear in my prayer.

But I am just mad as hell. You gave black man a soul as well.

and a sold has a right to freedom too, don’t You agree?

You are the one who said

“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

I say that is all bullshit. They knew.

They know you shouldn’t kill at will.

Listen God something doesn’t make sense, Now listen carefully.

If you say “forgive them,”

then it would seem that when someone gets to your door

You are going to forgive them.

Does that now mean everyone is pure,

Well then why do you need a Hell?

Come answer that one if you can.

While we are at it I have some other questions for You

and I would like the answers to these too.

I know God that you are a good man, kind and pure,

but tell me, why is the lady dying of cancer next door?

and that young man in a wheelchair that lives down the street,

why has he only got one arm and no feet.

He operates the chair with his chin when he takes it for a ride,

and he is probably one of those babies who had thalidomide.

But why?

I know that you don’t know the meaning of the word “mean”

but why did my best friend die when we were only seventeen.

I was feeling lucky being young and already I had a best friend,

then why did something beautiful come to an end?

It shook me up and cut me up like a very sharp knife,

and i have been asking why every single day of my life.

and there is one thing I would really like to know,

Why do kids die in their cots before they even grow?

Here I am now sitting having a beer and eating pizza pie,

I see those kids on World Vision pleading for help from me.

I take another bite and I sigh

while those kids haven’t even got the strength to cry.

Around me the rich contemplating their next business venture

They couldn’t care less about the old and those with dementure.

I flick the remote and change channels to the ballet –

such a beautiful dancer,

they announced this was her last dance.

Please don’t tell me she too has cancer.

Why are there earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes

bushfires –such devastation.

Why are those bastards selling drugs running the nation?

Why do so many people living

have never learnt the meaning of giving?

Yet so many others are full of compassion,

Why? Is compassion going out of fashion?

Why do we need sleep and why do we die if we don’t eat?

Why do I need to shave? Why do so many kids misbehave?

Why at a time a big roast we are carving

are so many kids are out there starving?

What about the homeless living on the street with nothing to eat

while I have a beer, some pizza and a comfortable seat?

Why is there so much malice and so little balance

with so much greed in those that always take?

So much envy and vanity and insanity?

I think all of these things are a very big mistake.

I don’t think that it is all your fault, and I really don’t care,

but I do care that there is very little balance out there.

I know you threw suffering in the plan so man could compare,

but the death of an innocent child? Don’t you really care.

Of course you do for you are the boss

and You did a very brave thing for dying on the cross

and you said “forgive them for they know not what they do.”

I am sorry God. I really am.

How can I forgive that maniac for killing Jew after Jew?

I don’t even want to mention his name and I have no doubt,

that You really do know who I am talking about.

There are so many mysteries of imbalance and worth

it really isn’t too bad down here on earth,

Finally there is one thing I would really like to know why?

I am dying to know why do I have to die?

Did You get that one. Dying to know?

Funny guy aren’t I..

Now don’t fob me off by putting all this

in the “too hard” basket,

because you know I can be a bit of a bastard

and if I don’t get some answers soon,

I am going to pull that picture of You down in my room.

Don’t get the wrong idea for I am not really that frustrated,

it is just that this question is a little belated.

It is all right for you because you rose up again,

I have been trying to work out how you did that

and it is driving me insane.

Well I for now I really have to go

but there is one thing I am dying to know,

Did you get that? “Dying to know.”

Did it again.

I said “dying” and now I am crying.

I just have to know why? before I die

No, I am not crying about dying, no not this time

I am crying about that trick you do with the wine.

So after you dinner if you can make the time

can you send me the secret of how I can turn water into wine.

If You don’t I will certainly go one step better,

every single day I will send you another letter.

Further, I won’t put on a stamp

and you will have to pay tax when You get it.

With this letter I am sending my best regards and all my trust,

Why is it like that? Ashes to ashes, dust to dust?

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