Fan Art Being Deleted

I’ve had five or paintings summarily deleted in the last couple of months; a couple I think were available for sale (and possibly shouldn’t have been, but I figured they fell under fair use) a couple I’m not sure of but I don’t think I would have made them available, and a couple DEFINITELY weren’t (including a painting of a friend in cosplay).

I’m now confused as to whether someone objected to me painting pictures of existing characters, or simply thought I stole them, or whether they assumed that anything on RB was also available for sale.

They included some of my best art – which was why they were here as I was using the RB gallery as a portfolio, separate from the dumping ground that is my DA gallery.

The works were (they’re completely gone from my gallery so I’m going on memory, and I’m not sure of at least one):

Does anyone know if there’s any point filing a DMCA? I’m not in the USA, and nor is RedBubble (or so I thought) but their email says that “Before providing such notice, you should be aware that we are obliged to inform the complainant that you have provided that notice (and provide a copy of your counter-notice to them) and that their next step would be to take court action against you in the United States.”

And I’m also unsure what the issue is; is it that I painted fan art? As I would assume that is covered by fair use, and the works themselves are MINE, that doesn’t sit well with me. Is it that they were assumed to be for sale? In that case that’s fair enough – except that they were all deleted regardless of ‘sale’ status.

And what’s with summarily deleting them? I can’t even LOOK at what I had up anymore to see for sure what might be objectionable.

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