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Ascendio 2012

This week I’ll be in Orlando for Ascendio 2012, an awesome Harry Potter convention put on by the HPEF.

I did a lot of graphic design work for them (which I’ll post for sale after the event!). I made several WWII propaganda inspired posters. This is the first big convention I’ve done work for. I’m really excited about it… and really nervous. I know I did great work for them, but it never stops me from wanting to hide in a corner :)

Anyway, if you’re in the area or going to the con check out all the pretty posters! Then come find me and tell me that you liked them (lie if you must…lol)
I’ll be dressed as Helga Hufflepuff, so I’ll be easy to find.
The event is July 12- 15th, and there is an awesome night time event inside Universal Orlando! There are more details on the HPEF site: hp2012.org

Hope to see you there!
- flyingpantaloons
aka – Steph

ps – Extra love will go to anyone who finds me while wearing one of my shirts! :)

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