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On deployment to the desert again!

I just wanted to offer an apology for not being on here for the past month. I left at the end of June for another tour in the desert, yup, one more. I wanted to get something out to everyone prior to me leaving, but as time passed so did my chance of sending out a message. Since being over here I’ve not been able to get on here due to the net being really iffy at best lol, we are in the desert, not four seasons lol.

This time it’s hotter than last year because I’m over here later in the summer. I took a temp reading the other day in the shade and it was 124.6 degrees F or 51.4 degrees C…that’s hot. And judging by the other 6 or so trips I’ve made over here, we are getting ready to get into the hot season, 130 plus. For now, I’m doing really well as is my crew.

I do miss the hell out of taking photos, sand is not really a great subject, but I do have my camera in case lol. Again, I do apologize for not being here or saying goodbye. I should be home before Christmas and will start putting photos up again. Thank you very to all of you who have continued to view my photos and make comments, I will reply back when possible. Everyone take care, and I will check in when I can.


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