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One awesome photographer!

Two weeks ago, my mom came out to visit. Some of you know that my mom is the reason that I am into photography. Some of you that are new to my watch list are not aware of this fact. My mom is ej29.

I can remember when I was young, I never saw my mom without a camera, and a HUGE lens. Some of her photos would hang in our house, one of which was of a grist mill. That had always been my favorite.

While she was out here two weeks ago, I got to see her at work, like way back then. I have my perspective on how to take a photo. My mom has an artists eye. She can see angles, perspectives that I don’t think about. I’m more “the whole photo” type of photographer, where she is more of the angles and cuts for the artistic view. If you look at her photos you will see what I’m talking about. She has a style that is a joy to watch in practice. While I’m back getting a photo of the whole thing, she is finding a way to a different view of the same thing. Quite a few of our photos you will see are of the same areas, but of very, very different perspectives. If you have the time, please go and check out her work, she is so very gifted, and I think has something for all of us to learn from. Again, my mom is ej29, you will not be disappointed.


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