Secret Place

My head was a castle
with more than a thousand rooms.
One for cat,
one for goldfish
one for teddy bear.
I dreamt of wings and talked with fairies,
and filled my chambers with the incense
of defenceless innocence.
But, like vipers,
hiding in a fresh green field,
there were the others too.
Frosted shadows,
growling, grinning,
firing burning arrows of contempt,
for which no bear could be my shield.
When I got hurt
I went downstairs,
where, in the cellar,
light was never seen.
There, in a dungeon,
was my secret place, where
I locked away the weight of a burden
my little feet just could not bear.
Since then I saw the sun rise
fourteen thousand times, or more.
I bought new lamps,
I found new friends,
and, in the evening,
lit a fire.
But, when the wind starts howling,
and the moon projects a shadow play
of fingers piercing through the wall,
I notice something deep beneath.
Like stumbling feet,
a desperate voice
crying loud to be released?
My hands are tied,
I must endure.
Oh, long ago,
on a dark day,
when things got worse than ever,
I stashed my burden,
locked the door,
and, driven by my burning fear,
I threw away the key,

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A couple of weeks ago Deborah Parkin: asked me if I wanted to collaborate on a competition on the theme Secret Place. This competition is an initiative from WitheringMoon

I felt honoured Deborah asked me, because I am a great admirer of her work and her pure and mind-enhancing vision on childhood and life in general. As soon Deborah showed me the image she had in mind, the words started flowing. I want to thank Deborah for the pleasure of working together and for being such an inspiration. You will find our complete project here

Also, I want to thank Mawaho for proof reading and her valuable comments.




  • shanghaiwu
    shanghaiwuover 6 years ago


    have read this a few times……….quite incredible/ such a message for us all.

  • ©   Elaine van Dyk
    © Elaine van...over 6 years ago

    Wonderful writing, FlyBoy…………you are a truly multi-talented person.

  • Martin Derksema
    Martin Derksemaover 6 years ago

    @shanghaiwu: the human soul is a big building where one can hide a lot. When it is hidden so good you can’t find it back yourself, then you reach the point where you have to bring a lot of money to a shrink .. ha ha.

  • Martin Derksema
    Martin Derksemaover 6 years ago

    @ whirligig: thanks a lot. You are a great support to me.

  • abefleur
    abefleurover 6 years ago

    Hi Martin – just wanted to say publicly what a great poem this and how you have encapsulated childhood thoughts so beautifully – thank you so much you are an inspiration to me.

  • Martin Derksema
    Martin Derksemaover 6 years ago

    Thanks, Deborah. It was such a great creative adventure to work together on this.

  • sorina
    sorinaover 6 years ago

    This was so beautiful to read. I needed something like this today. Thanks!

  • Martin Derksema
    Martin Derksemaover 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your support, sorina.

  • Marco Britti
    Marco Brittiover 6 years ago

    Enjoyed it very much as it does take you to places and a happy ending.Can`t really judge as I am not a regular poem reader but…I enjoyed reading it.Hey this could be a begining for me!!!
    Thanks Martin!!!

  • Martin Derksema
    Martin Derksemaover 6 years ago

    My pleasure, Marco. I am very glad you enjoyed it.

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